10 Mar Weekend Roundup 9 – 10 March 2019

Another quietish weekend, but plenty of parkrun action, with some of it in quite far-flung locations. This week’s covergirl Kate Cheshire had to contend with sunshine and high humidity in Houston, Texas, but possibly that’s preferable to dealing with hailstorms and hurricane winds in Sully, Vale of Glamorgan. Great running Kate!

Terry Hershey (Houston, USA): 12th Kate Cheshire 24:22 (PB by 56 secs, 1st female finisher)

Meanwhile over in Berlin, the Clements were nervously eyeing up the “competition”; here’s Clem’s account…..

“It was good, though the joke at the start, ‘don’t forget we have to share the park with others including pram-pushers, and drug-dealers ‘! proved correct as I saw a deal being done on the second lap and there were clearly some dodgy people hanging about in the bushes. The course was a mixture of tarmac and hard trail, but with plenty of puddles and an intriguing hill loop on the second lap. Both of us thought we were running faster than the times we actually run, but hey man that might be the drugs!! and, as The Verve would say, they don’t work!”

Hasenheide (Berlin): 15th Clem Clement 22:07, 45th Janice Clement 27:19

Also travelling this weekend was Bev Warburton, who joined in the 200th parkrun celebrations at Luton. Here’s our version of “Where’s Wally?”…can you spot Bev?

Luton Wardown: 77th Bev Warburton 26:11 (4th female finisher, 1st VW55+)

Closer to home, we had Ruth running strongly at Penallta and “Man of Mystery” (i.e. he didn’t have his barcode) Mike Morgan finishing 3rd in 20:14 at Maesteg.

Penallta: 28th Ruth Cann 22:50 (3rd female finisher)

And so on to the local events. It was wild and wooly down at Barry Island, with the waves threatening to carry the Finish team off towards Minehead. Great to see Nathan back running fast again, after a worrying and frustrating break through injury…biting his ankles was new recruit Andy, and Malcolm captured this great photo worthy of a caption competition…..

Lisa and Andrea were back from their exotic travels, with the former making the most of an opportunity to chat with ex-Club member Andrew Frayling….

Barry Island: 2nd Nathan Christoforato 19:50, 3rd Andy Pearce 19:52, 7th Kevin Chalke 21:18, 43rd Lisa Cleary 25:18 (44th ex-member Andrew Frayling 25:19), 57th Ian Warburton 26:13, 62nd Richard Jackson 26:19, 70th Katie Clark 27:09, 77th Andrea Hurman 27:36, 137th Sarah Lees 33:15. Also spotted were Colin Caesar (no barcode or watch, so I can’t stalk him on Strava!) and Dave Mathews on buggy duty.

Meanwhile over at Grangemoor, it was nice to see Paul dipping under 20 minutes again and Terry grabbing another PB and a very respectable 75% Age Grade score.

Grangemoor: 6th Paul Morton 19:59, 18th Terry McCarthy 21:36 (PB by 9 secs), 21st Chris Seal 21:41, 23rd Chris Herdman 21:44, 33rd Louise Hunt 22:31, 44th Tom Eales 23:38, 45th Rachel Eales 23:39, 62nd Tim Monkton 24:40, 63rd Steve Goodfellow 24:42, 72nd Jon Lewis 25:21, 79th Mark Pearce 25:32, 105th Andrea Goodfellow 27:46, 106th Steve Farmer 27:56

There were a few other P&Ders out braving the elements on Sunday morning. Julie Broughton traveled up to London to take part in the “Big Half”, finishing in 2:02:13, whilst Malcolm Bradley and Darren Morgan took part in the inaugural Cosmeston CP Pursuit 10k (still awaiting published results).


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