18 Aug Weekend Roundup 17-18 August 2019

This weekend saw a real mixture of challenges and surfaces to race on for our Club members…taking on the Tywyn Train, Bath Twin Tunnels and the windswept Isle of Coll Half Marathon! And then there was Malcolm Bradley and his Double Triathlon Challenge……

But first, we have the parkrun roundup. Great running by Ian Southwell finishing 7th at Cardiff in a parkrun PB of 17:19…also an Age Grade score of 78.25%, come on Ian, the 80 Percent Club beckons! Also great running by Frank Atherton at Barry Island, sub 25 minutes at the end of his long run over from Penarth (29 km), and lovely seeing Lisa Cleary getting faster each week, this time under 24 minutes at Groe (which I’m reliably informed is near Builth Wells and needed a 7am start to get there!). Meanwhile over at Grangemoor there was some quality pace-making going on, as Ben Butler-Madden dragged Mike Morgan (or is it Mayer?!) to a new parkrun PB. Is that sub-18 minutes calling, Mike?

Cardiff parkrun

A total of 796 runners took part.

View full results for Cardiff parkrun event #610

Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 Richard WALDRON Southampton AC 00:16:01
7 7 Ian SOUTHWELL Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:17:19
25 1 Charlotte TOWERS Canton Chargers 00:18:37
181 162 Peter TROTT Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:24:08


Barry Island parkrun

A total of 163 runners took part.

View full results for Barry Island parkrun event #221

Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 Oliver WILLIAMS White Rock Runners 00:17:19
8 8 Andy PEARCE Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:19:49
10 1 Elin Carys MORGAN Unattached 00:20:32
36 8 Ann JOHNSTON Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:24:56
37 29 Frank ATHERTON Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:24:57
54 43 Richard JACKSON Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:27:10
63 13 Arabella CALDER Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:27:39


Grangemoor parkrun

A total of 210 runners took part.

View full results for Grangemoor parkrun event #196

Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 Iestyn EDWARDS Cardiff AAC 00:17:27
3 3 Ben BUTLER-MADDEN Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:18:03
4 4 Michael MORGAN Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:18:07
10 10 Dave MATHEWS Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:20:04
14 1 Gemma LUCKETT Les Croupiers RC 00:20:33
83 71 Nigel ADAMS Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:25:59
85 13 Kathryn PETERSEN Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:26:02
130 32 Margaret OGDEN Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:28:38
189 123 Gareth DAVIES Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:34:29
210 128 Terry MCCARTHY Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:48:42


Groe parkrun

A total of 136 runners took part.

View full results for Groe parkrun event #22

Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 Tim IVESON Builth & District Running Club 00:16:39
9 1 Donna MORRIS Builth & District Running Club 00:21:06
23 5 Lisa CLEARY Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:23:51


Also on Saturday a “gang of four” headed up to Tywyn to take on the challenge of beating a steam train over a rough off-road 14 mile challenge…the train has it easy, it can stay on its rail track (bit of a cop-out, if you ask me). Our gang are featured above…Damien & Ruth Cann, Debbie & Ian Warburton, so obviously some domestic bragging rights to be had. Ruth was first home in 277th (8th F35), recording a time of 2:05:52, followed in by Damien (358th, 2:13:12), Debbie (390th/11th F50, 2:16:29) and Ian (401st 2:18:00). And the train? It beat them all, racing to a superb 1:48…must be all that training….

Clem & Janice Clement were up to their usual island-hopping shenanigans…don’t envy them on a ferry this weekend, I had to endure the Irish Sea myself on Friday night! Very grateful to receive another Clem report…..

“The call of Coll was too great to resist. While out on the island of Tiree in May we heard about a Tri-island challenge; to run 3 half marathons on the 3 inner Hebridean islands of Tiree, Mull and Coll. Already having signed up to 2 we quickly added Coll. This will have pleased one of the sponsors, Calmac, as they are the ferry provider to all isles.”

“Weather watching in the week leading up to event it became clear that the crossing was going to be choppy and then the race was going to be ‘interesting’. On the day that scaled up as 53mph gusts were forecast for during the race. The little community of Arinagour has a lovely new community hall which acted as the hub for the event which included a kids 1k, a 5k, 10k and half marathon. However in order to get the full 13.1 miles in we were taken down to the new pier and then halfway out on it. That would have been okay apart from being totally exposed to the wind and then it decided to rain for just 5 minutes while we gathered on the start line.”

“The course was undulating and yes the first few miles included some uphill sections directly into the south westerly. Fortunately at this time of year that means a warmish wind. The locals came out in force to cheer us on. It just there aren’t many of them so support on the course were the marshals and water stations of which there were loads, mostly at the cattle grid openings. Their enthusiasm was great especially at the airport (not exactly Heathrow) and the one where a dram was also offered at 8 miles.”

“After a few poor training weeks Clem’s plan was to start conservatively, not battle the wind in the early stages just to take it carefully, and then to make the most of the wind behind from 5.5 mile to 11 and then survive the last 2 miles into the wind. The plan worked well finishing 26th (4th MM50)in 1:43:07. Janice did amazingly well, especially having to battle the strongest of the gusts and the rain in the last 2 miles, just after Clem had finished. Her time 2:08:46 (6th MW50). Each was awarded with a nice memento.”

Meanwhile back down in Bath there was more railway action; well kind-of, a series of races taking in the famous Twin Tunnels cycling route around the city. We had three entrants as far as I can surmise…Ben Butler-Madden storming around the ‘long’ Half Marathon course (22km) in 82:19 (according to Strava, and picking up lots of juicy KOMs along the way), with David Brown taking on the absolutely mental challenge of racing 5k, 10k and Half Marathon back-to-back. Unofficial times of sub 21, 45, and sub 2 hours, that’s a flipping good day at the office, well done that man!

Also at Bath, “Marathon Machine” Steve New completed his 233rd marathon…this was incredibly Steve’s 3rd event of the weekend, as he traveled back home from Lowestoft!

And then we have Malcolm Bradley…..here are the “legend’s” own words from his Facebook page…

“Triathlons – they’re a bit like buses, none for three years, then two within 24 hours.
Portishead [#31] – normally my favourite, not just because of the lovely scenery, but mainly because the swim is short and in an open-air pool heated to 28’C – started at 08:58 Saturday.
Then Cosmeston [#32] – finished at 08:50 today.
Still trying to remember, can someone remind me, why we get up at silly o’clock to swim [just about survived] in a filthy, cold lake, then cycle and run in the blustery wind and heavy rain.
Quite a logistical exercise, as well as the physical challenge.”

Great stuff Malcolm…dreading trying to take you on at cross country this winter if we have a deep puddle to cross!  😂 😂

Also competing at the 2nd triathlon in Cosmeston Lakes CP was Jon Ely, who finished a commendable 11th in 72:59.

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