General Information about Club Communication

1. Public Facebook Page
Our public Facebook page, called ‘Penarth and Dinas Runners’ is here:

Anyone can post to this page and it’s visible to anyone on Facebook.
Posts from Club members, other than the page’s administrators, will show up as Visitor posts. Please don’t confuse it with the closed, members’ Facebook Group (below).


2. Closed Facebook Group for Club Members
The closed Facebook group for Club members, called ‘Members of Penarth and Dinas Runners is here:

Only paid Club members can join this group.  All postings are private and visible only by group (i.e. Club) members.

Most, but not all, Club members are in this group. New, paid Club members are added on request.

Posts should be running related. Posts which are considered inappropriate will be removed by one of the administrators. 


3. Club Email Distribution List

Our Club email distribution list in the form of a Google Group email address. This is:

If you want to send an email to all Club members, this is the email address to use.

All Club members are in this group. New, paid Club members are added automatically.

Note: If you want to contact all club members and ONLY put a post in the ‘Members of…’ Facebook group, then please be aware that not all club members will get the message.  To ensure 100% coverage, you need you use the email address.


4. Club Email Address

The general email address for contacting the Club is

If you’re passing on an email address to someone so they can get in touch with us (e.g. with a membership inquiry), then please use this email address.  We’ll pass it on to the relevant committee member to follow-up.

Email addresses for Committee Members are listed on the “Meet the Team” section of the Club Website.


5. Club Website

The Club website is here:

We’re trying to make this the first port of call for non-members looking for news and information about the Club and the place where Club members can access information relevant to them with just a couple of clicks.  As the website’s still pretty new, we’re still working on these features.


There’s also a ‘Contact Us’ form on there: which is another useful way of putting prospective members in touch with us.