06 May Weekly Roundup 5th May 2019

Put the kettle on and settle in a comfy chair…it’s a long one this week!

At long last the evenings really are getting lighter, and we’re beginning to see the return of evening races…on Tuesday a motley squad made their way to the second race in our Off Road Championships, at the unique Pentyrch Hill Race (pictured below minus Cath who was busy warming up!)

Anyone who ran there in 2018 will recall absolutely atrocious weather conditions, with horizontal rain and very poor visibility on Garth ‘Mountain’. This year the weather was positively balmy, and the “class of 18” were quietly optimistic of bettering their previous times…no such luck! The course had been altered quite substantially on the far side of the hill, with a much trickier descent and climb back up.

Nevertheless, P & D grabbed some podium spots in the older age categories, but only Cath Tailby came away with a prize (a china plate!) for her excellent 2nd place in the MW45 Category, finishing 98th in a time of 68:36.  The following photos courtesy of Paul Stillman and Johnny Lam, thanks gents!

First home for us was Dave Mathews, 74th in 66:01, followed in by Cath, Simon Williamson (2nd MM60) 112th in 69:59, Malcolm Bradley (1st MM65) 119th in 70:39, Chris Nellins (2nd MM65, two days after the London Marathon!) 130th in 72:00, Terry McCarthy (5th MM60) 136th in 72:53, Gareth Davies 139th in 73:25, Ruth Cann 199th in 83:32, Yvonne Williams (1st MW65) 201st in 83:27.

The race also incorporated the South Wales Hill Running Championships, and we got in the medals! Simon and Malcolm grabbed Silver and Bronze in MM60, with Yvonne Silver medallist in MW60.

And so on to the weekend. Getting an early start on Friday evening was Richard Jackson, who took part in the Cardiff Summer Series, with the first race being 1 mile around Pontcanna Fields (it goes up in mile increments to 4 miles). Richard ran a fine 7:15, to finish 77th, captured here in full flow by Paul Stillman.

Anna Helsing headed for the hills above Pontypool to take part in the quaintly-named Steam Bunny Stomp Fell Race, which looks like an epic mountain adventure. No results as yet, but good on you, Anna!

Saturday 4th May was the 4th Anniversary of Barry Island parkrun, and featured lots of sand running, sand castles and Star Wars characters! Our in-house paparazzi Malcolm Bradley was present and you can view his brilliant Flickr photostream here. Great to see lots of P&D volunteers out there too, supporting ace parkrun Run Director Lyn Evans.

Barry Island: 2nd Andy Pearce 20:01, 63rd Bev Warburton 27:14, 69th Sarah Lees 27:53, 110th Steve Bowerman 30:43

Grangemoor: 19th Steven Barker 21:35, 56th Kath Petersen 25:43, 67th Stephen Farmer 26:10, 78th Arabella Calder 26:46, 88th Yvonne Williams 27:01, 105th Christian Ogden 28:24, 112th Margaret Ogden 28:53

Exmouth: 94th Katie Clark 23:48 (PB by a whopping 1:15)

Wendover: 4th Dave Mathews 20:57

Editor’s choice of best parkrun performances? That man Andy skipping across the sand is in there again, great running and massive PB for Katie, and the 3rd place shared by Steven B (great time so soon after London Marathon) and Dave M coming back into form with a sub-21.

There was more beach action up on the remote Scottish island of Tiree, with this report just in from Clem Clement……

‘If Carlsberg did half marathon starts and finishes they would probably struggle to better this one’. The run starts on the beach near Crossapol on Tiree (look it up on maps). Tiree is classed as an Inner Hebridean island but it’s one of the further west. It is also the start for the 10k so there are some ‘dashing’ across the sand at the beginning. The 2 events follow the same course for the first 4 miles but then the half, which Clem and Janice were doing, turns to the west.

As you can see from the photo it was a glorious day, 😎but with a very stiff wind, which Garmin recorded at an average of 20 mph. In some places it was a battle into the wind, without any shelter for there are few or no trees on Tiree. The course was as good as flat, with lots of roads going across wide open plains. At 8 miles it met the west coast of the island and there were glimpses of the white sandy beach. The turn at 9 miles was great as it was now with the wind, or perhaps better expressed as ‘less of into thw wind’ but was onto a rough dirt track like a farm entrance track and so it was good to get back to solid tarmac just shy of 10 miles.
The church at Heylipol, which we had approached from the south in the first 6 miles, was now a beacon over the farm land at 11, and also formed a landmark as the turn towards the finish. The last .2 of a mile was down a sandy lane and the onto the beach for the final 100 metres. Though being a half at 13.1 miles probably should be 100 yards 🤔😉😊 it was kind of the organisers to choose the firmest sand for the finishing line. The cakes at the community hall where it was all based – Wow!! Great ‘local’ event.
Btw – Clem 1:35:23, Janice 2:08:30 😊

Heard later that Janice won her Age Category and Clem was 12th overall and 5th in the (rather tough, IMHO!) VM40-59 Category….congratulations to both of you!

Sunday dawned nice and bright, and again we had a few P&Ders volunteering at parkrun….junior version this time, in Romilly Park, under the super efficient management of Sarah Lees. Newport was the destination for others, to take part in the ABP Newport Wales Marathon and 10K. There were some cracking performances all round. First home for us in the 10k was Nathan Christoforato, with a monster PB time of 36:58, , which knocked 1:22 off his previous best, and was good enough for 38th place and 11th in the MM35 Category. Other 10k finishers for us as follows (all unofficial at the moment)…..

474th Steve Hill 48:59, 524th Matt Webley 51:55, 689th Richard Jackson 52:33, 707th Arabella Calder 54:01, 1688th Darren Morgan 64:40

In the Marathon, Gary Brown had a sensational run, finishing 21st (5th MM35) in a new PB time of 2:46:18, which also moved him to 5th Fastest slot in the P&D Marathon Rankings. He was followed in by Ian Southwell, who just ducked in under 3 with the sterling time of 2:58:25 (70th place). Making his debut at the distance, Jon Ely reaped the rewards of some really consistent training and hard work for a cracking time of 3:11:14 (171st place). These were our top three, but all our finishers did themselves proud and conquered the distance with hero performances. Some very inspiring journeys described on our Members’ Facebook page, thank you for sharing.

363rd David Brown 3:32:40, 404th Ian Warburton 3:34:07, 954th Michelle Hoey 4:04:04, 1041st Chris Herdman 4:10:06, 1131st Helen Griffiths 4:13:09, 1137th James Buckingham 4:16:17, 1406th Julie Broughton 4:31:13, 1739th Mandy Barrington 5:00:25, 1786th Emma Healy 5:07:17, 1819th Steve New 5:11:12, 1904th Paul Whitmarsh 5:27:17

Are we there yet? No! Loads of us descended on Whitchurch Village on Sunday evening for the Cardiff 5k, which was the Welsh 5K Road Champs but more importantly a P&D Championship event! I had the ‘pleasure’ of a particularly awful run, but it gave me a good perspective to observe everyone else going full gas! Ben Butler-Madden was first home for us again, 34th in the startling time of 15:54, seven days after 2:32 in the London Marathon. Ben’s take on the race? “Gave it some welly in the first mile, felt good, so kept going!” He was followed in by Mike Morgan, who smashed his PB with 17:46 for 96th place. Talking of PBs, what about Kevin Chalke? Been desperately trying to go sub-20 all year, and runs 19:03 for 143rd! Need to go sub-19 now Kev….Kit Lambert was another London Marathoner who refused to be bowed by the effort; 20:00 (yep, another PB, another target!) and finished 192nd. Did it in a pair of ‘monkey shoes’ too… Colin Caesar wasn’t monkeying around, 20:15 for 204th, and banishing a lot of demons concerning a perceived loss of form.

Next in were a tremendous trio of Cath Barker, Beth Apglyn and Malcolm Bradley, in 21:45, 21:51, 21:52 respectively, with Malcolm grabbing 4th spot in MM65 as well. Lovely to see Cath running really fast again and Beth bagged a shiny new PB, too. Breathing down their necks was Louise Hunt, with a cracking 22:15.

Melissa Smith was running her first ‘real’ road race for the Club, and confirmed her promising results in parkrun and at club training with a great 22:39 PB. Gareth Davies ran a lot faster than recent parkruns, with a very solid 22:43, and then we had the “Batman and Robin” of P&D, Peter Trott and Steve Goodfellow, fighting all the way to the line, with Peter coming out on top this time, 22:53 against Steve’s 22:57. Kate Cheshire nearly surprised both these lads, finishing just behind in 23:00…and bagging a massive 1 minute PB.

Jon Lewis was ever the gent offering encouragement as he swept past the struggling Chair Simon Williamson…these two finishing in 24:20 and 24:49. Stephen Farmer and Andrea Goodfellow both upped their game on parkrun performances, and recorded creditable times of 25:52 and 27:03, with Nigel Adams our final cross-the-line finisher in a chip time of 26:59. Nigel completed a mega-mileage day of 18 miles (running home and running to junior parkrun in the morning) preparing for another Hadrian’s Wall Run later in the summer.

So what a weekend, and I haven’t even mentioned our Club “dinosaurs” Sarah Patnett and Debbie Rees taking part in the Ciderthon Half Marathon down in Taunton! The idea was to down some cider at each of the 1 mile feed stations…that’s a lot of grog! Debbie was there in a support role (still recovering from foot surgery), but as far as I know Sarah finished the course…


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