03 Mar Weekly Roundup 3 March 2019

The weekend has been crammed full of racing action, but let’s rewind a few days. Wednesday was both a happy and a sad day. After a monumental seven and a half years, Chris Nellins led his final “official” Wednesday conversational run….roughly speaking, that’s heading towards 400 training runs that Chris has led for Penarth and Dinas.  And when I say training runs, that’s a poor description…they’ve been more like magical mystery tours of the Vale of Glamorgan! In the dark, in the mud, in the woods, down alleyways you wouldn’t want to venture into on your own, Chris has taken us everywhere, and apparently has never lost a runner yet (well that’s what he told me on Wednesday, as he supped on his fourth pint of the night). It was a great last run, and then about 20 of us descended on the Station pub for impromptu sandwiches/snacks (thank you everyone who brought some along) and a popular presentation. Chris has now officially retired so joins the ranks of us who can train during the day if we so desire….but he assures us he will still be leading the occasional Wednesday evening social run. Thank you Chris; the glass says it all! Photos courtesy of Lyn Evans, Emma Shumack and a passing gym member!

So to the weekend….and Chris celebrated his freedom with a breezy run at the Rhayader Round the Lakes 30k….and guess what, he was first V65 home!

133rd Chris Nellins 2:34:56, 245th Matthew Slugg 2:52:36

Saturday’s parkrun results….my favourites are Andy Pearce and Clem Clement, who both went on to race in the afternoon, mad fools!

Barry Island: 3rd Andy Pearce 19:58, 26th Melissa Smith 24:26, 61st Arabella Calder 27:10 (course PB by 1 sec!), 84th Dave Mathews (+baby buggy!) 29:03, 107th Paul Whitmarsh 30:59

Grangemoor: 3rd Ian Southwell 18:28, 17th Chris Herdman 21:38, 32nd Peter Trott 23:55, 34th Mark Taylor 24:04, 36th Tom Eales 24:07, 39th Rachel Eales 24:27, 49th Steve Goodfellow 24:58, 58th Bev Warburton 25:55, 74th Andrea Goodfellow 28:08, 79th Glenn Powell 28:34, 116th Sarah Stroud 32:02

Cardiff: 311th Tim Monckton 26:25

Llyn Lech: 2nd Mike Morgan 19:55

Penallta: 54th Lindsey Hunt 25:56

Colby: 70th Jake Bourne 28:48

Victoria (Glasgow): 66th Clem Clement 21:24, 317th Janice Clement 28:28

A small bunch of us headed over the Severn Bridge to picturesque Blaise Castle in Bristol, for the final round of the Gwent XC League. The Men didn’t have our usual ‘star’ performers (racing elsewhere), but we finished a team, which in cross country is an important accomplishment, 9th on the day and 8th overall, so we stay in Division 2…thanks fellas! The Ladies had a tough task to stay in Division 1 (after promotion last year), and finishing 11th overall means a return to the lower division. We came 2nd here last year, let’s win in it in 2019/20! Some good overall placings to report, Cath Tailby finished 7th in VW45, Anna Helsing 7th in W55, and Yvonne Williams 7th in VW65…so 7 really was our lucky number!  Photos by Malcolm, thank you sir.

Gwent XC League Round 5: Women’s Race: 91st Cath Tailby, 110th Louise Hunt, 154th Ruth Cann, 168th Anna Helsing, 170th Helen Griffiths, 195th Sarah Patnett, 229th Yvonne Williams

Men’s Race: 150th Andy Pearce, 190th Colin Caesar, 241st Steven Barker, 273rd Malcolm Bradley, 275th Simon Williamson, 315th Peter Balmont

Full results here.

Of course the real “Razzamatazz” event of the weekend was the Tokyo Marathon on Sunday, where we had a gang of four competing…Ben Butler-Madden and Beth Apglyn looking to upgrade their personal best times, with Lisa Cleary and Andrea Hurman hoping to complete their SIXTH Major Marathon (the others are London, New York, Berlin, Chicago and Boston). I think the smiley photo above suggests they achieved their targets…oh, and this one as well!

Ben has been completely committed to running a marathon in the mid 2.30s for the last 3 months, and boy did he deliver…a new PB of 2:34:08 (nearly 5 mins improvement), a Club Record, a Boston qualifying time for next year, giving him the opportunity to join Andrea and Lisa as a “Sixer”! Beth ran 3:43:03, which took an absolutely massive 11 mins off her time in Chicago last year, and “Good for Age” gets her into London for next year, too. Don’t have the times for Andrea and Lisa yet, but it was more about the journey getting there, which has been a roller-coaster ride for both of them. Want to share the following photo from an earlier major (New York), where Andrea struggled to finish but Lisa slowed her pace, and made sure they made it home together. These are Andrea’s words….”She dragged me through Central Park giving up her chance of a good time and we finished together. We were thrilled later when our photo at the finish line was used in the results magazine and I will forever be grateful for the way she looked after me”. Think you’ll agree this sums up the great compassion and comradely team spirit of Penarth and Dinas Runners……

Tokyo was all over when some of our members pinned their numbers on their very windswept, wet Sunday morning races.  Gary Brown was up north, taking on the Anglesey Half Marathon, and finishing in a fine 12th place with a time of 78:52. Back closer to home, we had a few finishers in the Newport Half Marathon; results apparently delayed because some jokers were wearing race numbers from an earlier version of the race! I do know Ruth Cann ran 1:42:21, which is a great run off the back of XC the previous day. Louise Hunt (another xc finisher) ran with HM debutant Terry McCarthy, and also running was Mark Taylor. **Results now published here. Meanwhile up in bonny, very windy Scotland, Janice Clement took time out of her busy volunteering and spectating schedule at the European Indoor Athletics Championships to finish 251st at the Lasswade 10 mile road race in a time (just inside) 95 minutes, and possibly 2nd VW60 (unconfirmed). Well done Janice!

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