07 Jun Weekend Roundup Two (7th June 2020)

Why is Janice Clement drinking a mojito in her P & D vest? What am I doing writing a SECOND Weekend Roundup on a Sunday night? How come Leo Sayer has signed up for the Club, or is it really John McEnroe?

Hopefully some of these questions will be answered in Weekend Roundup Two (7th June 2020)! 😂😂

Early last week Club Secretary Louise Hunt received an email from Builth & District Running Club asking whether P & D would like to take part in a 15-hour Virtual Relay. The rules were fairly straightforward…it would start at 05:00 on Sunday 7th June and finish at 20:00. Team members would cover slots within this timeframe, but each club could split it up however they wished. We opted to cover 15, 20 and 30 minute time slots, as we had 35 runners keen to be involved. Times and distances would need GPS data or watch screen shots as “proof of completion”, and it needed an organisational mastermind to draw up the roster and collate all the data…..

Step forward Leo Sayer Club Captain Kit Lambert!

Kit set about matching runners to slots, and took responsibility for any last-minute changes; we had a couple of runners drop out due to injuries, but Kit had reserves lined-up and was able to tweak the slot durations to make sure we were covered. The whole operation was beautifully choreographed and supported on our Members Facebook page, with a ‘live thread’ attracting over 500 comments by the end of the day. Kit got up at the crack of sparrows to support our early birds, kept everyone informed of our progress with some truly startling graphs, ran a snappy 30 minutes himself and was still going strong at the 8pm finish….good job he had some help from his faithful Admin Assistant….

Thank you Kit/Cat from the whole Club, you both did a stunning job today!

Fuller analysis of our final finishing position and times when I have them, but a special mention of our first and last runners.

Colin Caesar was warming up at 04:30 this morning, to start off proceedings for us at 5 a.m. For someone who has not had many opportunities to train in the last couple of months it was a superb performance, covering over 4 miles in his 30 minute slot…big kudos to Colin!

Janice Clement was on our anchor leg at 19:30, stepping in at short notice, and paced by husband Clem along the local canal path up in Glasgow…even better, Clem live-streamed the leg on Facebook so that we could all share Janice’s finish sprint….she earned that mojito!

Here’s a “rogues gallery” of our fantastic runners, who all ran their hearts out today….

Colin Caesar, Glenn Powell, David Brown, Julie Broughton, Judy Maragna, Jan Frost, Sarah Lees, Ian Southwell, James Buckingham, Mandy Barrington

Emma Healy, Debbie & Ian Warburton, Louise Hunt, Kevin Chalke, Catherine Barker, Tim Cummings, Abyd Quinn Aziz, Beth Apglyn, Chris Nellins

Kit Lambert, Melissa Smith, Joe Turner, Kuldeep Singh, Lyn Evans, Sophie Gott, Brian Law, Gareth Davies, Arabella Calder

Kath Peteresen, Paul McGilvray, Ruth Cann, Nigel Adams

And those “truly startling graphs”? Here’s the final one. We covered 114.1 miles in 15 hours, and finished 25th out of 58 teams…..an excellent result!

Apparently there were 39 clubs involved, 58 teams in total, and 1084 runners taking part, with a total distance of 6092.44 miles covered…many thanks to Builth and District for organising such a brilliant, fun-filled event.

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