07 Jun Weekend Roundup One (7th June 2020)

Lots going on this weekend so we’ve split the Roundup in two….not something I expected to do in these strange times, even if we are post-lockdown!

We’ve continued to set our members a Weekly Challenge and the one this week was fairly chilled. In recognition of the continued amazing work being carried out by Key Workers, we decided to give our Race Teeshirts an outing…we wanted to have all the colours of the rainbow covered during the week, with back-stories explaining the race or anything else we wanted to share.

Monday was Red Day, and we saw plenty of garments from different races, and some that reflected significant charity efforts, like this one modelled by Mandy Barrington (2018 VMLM)….

Tuesday was Orange Day, and not surprisingly the 2020 Lliswerry 8 top was quite popular. Members didn’t just have to share teeshirts, though…here’s Tania Miranda’s nice medal from the Christmas Cracker Race!

Wednesday = Yellow Day, and the 2018 Club Welsh Castles teeshirt proved popular, and there were some unique ways to show off the name on the back!

Beth Apglyn went for a run in her’s, and met up with a few mates along the way!

Thursday was Blue Day, and gave the Club Chairman a chance to be a bit maudlin remembering the launch of the 30th Anniversary “Knackered Dragon” teeshirt. His observation on the Members’ Facebook page….

“2020 Solo strides on the local field, 2018 P&D 30th Anniversary drinks after SSAFA 5k. Same teeshirt, different world…”

Friday was Green Day (aren’t they a band?), and some memories from Sarah Lees recalling the Man vs Horse Marathon, a race that has been popular with Club members over the years…

And so it went on….really lovely to share the memories and some great collections. Cover photo is Jan Frost’s lineup.

Lyn Evans

Louise Hunt

Sarah Lees

Nigel Adams

Debbie Rees

Tania Miranda

Mandy Barrington

Julie Broughton

Shirley Howman

Emma Healy

Kuldeep Singh

Of course this wasn’t the only Club Challenge going on this week. We continued to have more ‘finishers’ in our Welsh Castles Challenge, 104 virtual miles from Newtown to Cardiff Castle, which started all the way back on 4th May! We cheered in the following finishers….Dave Mathews on Tuesday, Judy Maragna and Julie Broughton on Saturday, and then Melissa Smith and Abyd Quinn Aziz  finishing things off on Sunday. Melissa and Abyd’s photos are tied in with their runs in today’s 15-hour Relay, more details in Weekend Roundup Two!


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