08 Mar Weekend Roundup 5 – 8 March 2021

Definitely a weekend of two halves….most members taking on another Club Championship challenge, the WA Virtual Two Mile Race, but also our intrepid Club Secretary Louise Hunt (that’s her above in the new Nike Superfly Slippers) taking on the 4 x 4 x 48 hour Nobbler Challenge.

Lou has a ‘significant’ birthday coming up that involves these numbers, but I am reliably informed she is not about to turn 48! The idea with this challenge was to run 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours…the first run was at 8pm on Friday, the final one at 4pm on Sunday…followed by copious amounts of wine and pizza.

Here’s the kit laid out at the start of her adventure…..

Lou’s partner Martyn is a keen runner (thankfully) and he was able to chaperone her through some of the night runs…

P&D being the Club it is, we were able to supply part of her support crew; near neighbour Ruth Cann provided much-needed assistance at 4am on Saturday morning! They teamed up again at 8am Sunday morning and it appears Ruth couldn’t keep up with “The Pink Flash”!

Of course turning out repeatedly over 48 hours has its down sides…it can get very chilly at 4 in the morning!

It was all over by teatime on Sunday, although some senior members of the club suggested she ought to get out there and run a nippy 2 miles to count in the Club Champs! It was also great to see former club member Mike Morgan completing the same challenge as Lou, from his base in central Cardiff, and getting lots of social media support from the Blue and Yellow Army. Not sure I envy Mike on his chosen venue for the 4am slot….

The second race in the Welsh Athletics Virtual Winter Series kicked off on Friday, and our two Club Captains wasted no time at all laying down some impressive 2 mile times. Kit Lambert, with his self-confessed diesel engine speed, logged 12:33, which he wryly suggested was the same speed as his 1 mile effort! Lisa Cleary produced a classy 14:04, and followed it shortly after with a 6:46 in the British Masters’ Mile, which was good enough for 24th in her W55 Age Category (won in the formidably insane time of 5:23 by Clare Elms from Dulwich Runners!)

Battling along a blustery Barrage we had times of 15:15 and 16:38 posted by Jonathan Irvine and Kath Petersen respectively. Meanwhile up in Bonnie Scotland Clem Clement was warming up for his Club Champs effort on Monday with a corker of a 10k completed in 42:44 (this was an event known as the Virtual Jack Crawford 10k). Janice Clement meanwhile knocked out a very consistent 17:26.

Back down south, Richard Jackson (18:21) and Tania Miranda (19:17) also got out early to post their times. Chris Nellins wiped the cobwebs from his antiquated Garmin timepiece to record 15:21.9, possibly surprised the batteries were still functioning….

Gideon was the first of the Calder collective to get out there, and he scooted round to a fine 14:23 on parts of the Grangemoor parkrun course. A similar route was taken by Arabella on Sunday, recording a time of 17:17. This proved to be a popular pace for a lot of members over the weekend, with Sophie Gott and Andrew May both on 17:16, and Simon Williamson ‘pacing’ Debbie Rees to 17:20…you can see the effort Deb put in here, but it was a massive improvement on her time of 18:50 from last summer.

It was fantastic to see the return of two runners after a long absence from racing. Frank Atherton’s last race was winning a Silver medal with the P&D M60 team in the Welsh Cross Country Champs in February 2020! He floated around his local loop at Penarth Marina in a smooth 13:53. Freddie Brown has had to deal with a string of leg injuries throughout last year, but has been incredibly focussed on a meticulous rehab program in recent months, with a cross-training schedule including sea swims and coastal hikes. Absolutely brilliant to see Freddie run 11:53 on Sunday morning.

Ian Southwell confessed to not being “fully on it” for his circuit in the Bay, but he still produced our fastest time of the weekend with a superb 10:55. He was “followed in” by Andy Pearce (11:27), Anthony Bannon (12:14), Kevin Chalke (12:32) and Jon Ely (12:36). Bringing chaos to this happy throng was late interloper Nathan Christoforato, who managed to sneak out for an attempt late today, recording a highly credible 11:10.

Clem laced up his racing shoes again this morning, and stormed to an impressive 13:13. Also in the “13s” were Dave Brown (13:21), Catherine Barker (13:23 and 1st W40), Brian Law (13:31), Sam Broughton (13:56) and Colin Caesar (13:58). Kaarina Ruta did a “Nathan”, and scorched round a local route in 13:27.

Malcolm Bradley, Debbie Warburton and Tim Cummings all had a few runs, for various reasons. Debbie’s leg cramped up on the first attempt, but she gamely returned a couple days later for a strong 14:46 showing, just ahead of Tim on 14:58, who professes to run better in the afternoon and when not being worked over by his brother! Malcolm loped along Port Road a couple of times, with 14:20 good enough to take the M70 top spot. Another member to duck under the 15 minute mark was relative new recruit Dave Hawker, recording a time of 14:56Steven Barker submitted a time tonight of 14:17 from Saturday, after another attempt today…unfortunately abandoned due to injury. Joining the 14 minute gang on Sunday morning was Neil Shewan, who posted a speedy 14:21 on Sully Moors Road.

A minute behind Dave exactly were Gareth Davies and James Buckingham15:56 run on the Marina and Barrage respectively! Sarah Lees ran doggedly around her local circuit in DP after a tiring week, recording 16:00, with Julie Broughton gradually getting faster after recent injury, clocking 16:27 in Rhoose. Also getting faster each week was Andrea Goodfellow, recording 17:01 on an out-and-back course in Penarth. We also saw solid runs over the weekend from Glenn Powell (19:17) and Sarah Di Tomaso (20:24). Jan Frost continued her injury rehab with a fast jog/walk 24:30 in Cosmeston CP.

Along with Nathan and Kaarina, we had two further members who just got in ahead of this evening’s deadline, Nigel Adams creeping below the 16 minute mark with 15:55, and Mandy Barrington knocking out a solid 16:31.

Hopefully that captures everyone…here’s the WA Results screenshot at 8:50pm on Monday. Well done P&D!



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