Weekend Roundup 27-28 Oct 2018

28 Oct Weekend Roundup 27-28 Oct 2018

Here’s the climbing profile for this weekend’s Snowdonia / Eryri Marathon…..

Obviously not enough to put off the hardy members of Penarth and Dinas Runners, with an interesting mix of wizened experience and party animals making the trip north on Friday afternoon.  The “Debbie-Mobile” could be heard four miles up the road, with their rendition of “She’ll be coming round the mountain in Blue & Yellow” startling the local sheep!

Some of the supporters ran in the local parkrun (see below), but the marathon results were as follows….

413th Chris Nellins 3:52:39 (6th in VM60+), 738th Simon Cyril Grant 4:12:35, 890th Lisa Cleary 4:20:43 (16th in VW50+), 1416th Jon Lewis 4:50:25, 1556th Julie Broughton 4:58:28.  There were just over 2200 finishers, on what looked like a pretty cold day.  Well done to all our finishers, the course looks completely bonkers!  Special mention for our covergirl Lisa, who had a remarkable run considering she could hardly walk last Wednesday. A last minute therapy session with Martin Haley sorted out the legs and before she knew it she was featuring in the S4C TV Highlights programme!

Here are some action photos, courtesy of Debbie Williams

Also travelling this weekend was the intrepid “Mr Cheese” Gary Brown, who flew out to the very fast Half Marathon course in Valencia, Spain.  Whilst the World Record for HM was being broken by Abraham Kiptum in the astounding time of 58:18, Gary broke the World Record for people called “Mr Cheese” with a highly impressive 75:33.  This was good enough for 226th in a huge field of nearly 14,000 runners.

And then of course, there was parkrun…..

Grangemoor: 4th Freddie Brown 18:38 (PB by a massive 21 secs), 22nd Cath Barker 22:16 (3rd Lady), 31st Louise Hunt 22:56 (5th Lady), 38th Gareth Davies 23:13

Cardiff Blackweir: 116th Chris Seal 22:56, 316th Tim Monckton 26:31

Penrhyn (the Snowdonia Support Crew!): 37th James Buckingham 24:23, 38th Andrea Hurman 24:24 (4th Lady), 95th Mandy Barrington 28:16, 114th Debbie Rees 29:31 (a huge 17 secs PB), 130th Cam Large 31:13

Glossop: 20th Clem Clement 24:13 (recovering well from recent injury), 44th Janice Clement 27:30 (1st in her age category)

Swindon: 334th Zoe Barber 33:18

Porthcawl: 20th Mike Morgan 19:30 (bit of Strava detective work on this one, as it would appear Mike left his barcode at home!)

Lismore (New South Wales, Australia!): 29th Yvonne Williams 27:37

Barry Island parkrun had to be abandoned due to a medical emergency incident…these were the statements issued on Facebook by the volunteer team

Thank you to everyone who helped out with this morning’s incident on the course. The response from runners and volunteers was fantastic, dealing with the casualty before the emergency services arrived. He received swift medical attention at the scene and was taken by ambulance to hospital shortly afterwards. The air ambulance, which you might have seen landing nearby, was not required”.

“As we had to abandon this morning’s parkrun around the half-hour mark due to the course being blocked off, we’ve taken the decision not to process any results for today. We appreciate your understanding, especially if you were amongst the early finishers. We think this is the fairest all round position under the circumstances. This being parkrun, of course, we’ll see you all again at the same time, same place next Saturday”.

As a marshall further up the course from where this unfortunate runner collapsed, I was able to listen in on radio comms and can concur that the incident was dealt with in a remarkably calm, efficient manner, with professional medical assistance on-site in less than 5 minutes.

Ben, Nathan and Kevin were flying the flag for P & D, but in keeping with the spirit of the Barry Island parkrun team, we won’t record their times here.

Finally, Malcolm Bradley organised one of his “Magical Mystery Multi-Terrain Meanders”, with a posse that included Lyn, Sarah, Anna, Louise and Bethan. As ever, Malcolm took some great photos to highlight the wonderful countryside we have in close proximity to Penarth and Barry.

The ritual jelly baby swap before the off….FOUR!!

The Club Treasurer chasing Malcolm for his subs…

P & D…ponies and divas?!?

Malcolm almost electrocuting himself!

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