27 Jan Weekend Roundup 26-27 Jan 2019

Bit of a bumper edition this week! From the balmy sea air of the South African coastline to the less (well, not-at-all…) balmy sea air of Newport, Penarth and Dinas Runners were out there mixing it with the opposition i.e. anyone not wearing blue and yellow (you’re excused Clem, as you were competing internationally!)

But before all that, yet’s give a warm welcome  to four new members of P & D who have joined us in the last month…welcome to the Club!

Paul McGilvray

Graham Roddis

Richard Jackson

Tim Cummings

Sunday saw the annual running of the Lliswerry 8 mile Road Race, flat as a pancake and sells out within a day each year. This edition of the race was spiced up with a particularly vicious headwind gusting up to 30 mph on the return journey, at about mile 6. We had a bumper turnout of 27 athletes, no doubt keen to get some early points in the bag for the Club Championship.

Ben Butler-Madden continued with his recent fine form to finish in a fantastic 2nd place, with a time of 43:10 (43 seconds faster than last year).

Freddie Brown was making his road running debut in a Blue and Yellow vest, and finished a highly commendable 26th in a time of 47:52, which is equivalent to about 37:13 for 10k, a very impressive run.

Nathan Christoforato was next home, and he also had a brilliant run, knocking nearly 2 minutes off his time from last year! He finished very strongly for 29th place in 48:18.

Kevin Chalke has been quietly building up his training to take on some triathlon events this summer, and has been super-consistent around 20 minutes for the Barry Island parkrun. Kev had a blinder today, finishing 73rd in 52:15, which was also good enough for 2nd place in the M55 Category.

“Prodigal Son” Paul Morton was back wearing a Blue and Yellow top (well sort of…it was Anniversary teeshirt!), and he was yet another one to beat his time from last year…but you should have heard him whinging and moaning about the wind as he passed me at 10k! He was 77th in 52:24.

Chris Nellins is now officially a pensioner, and has joined the ranks of the over 65s…all of whom were behind him today, as he took a fine victory in the M65 Category! He finished 182nd overall in a time of 57:45.

It’s always struck me how smiley the runners from P & D are, and one of the smiliest is Ruth Cann. Ruth can run a bit too, and today finished 5th in the W35 Category, just behind Chris for 188th overall in a time of 57:54.

Loping along behind Ruth were Chris Seal (197th/58:17) and Colin Caesar (207th/58:46), and then another pensioner showing no signs of slowing down, Malcolm Bradley. Malcolm didn’t have enough downhills on this course to make a dent on Chris’ victory, but still bagged the silver medal position in M65 (219th/59:09).

Next in for the Club was Beth Apglyn, or should that be “Ms PB”? Yet another one tumbled today as she ran 59:37 for 233rd. Nice to see Simon ‘Cyril’ Grant back and moving pretty fluidly during the 2nd half of the race to finish 258th in 60:07. Louise Hunt has a few injury niggles at the moment, but managed a solid 62:14 for 300th place. Gareth Davies was close behind (308th/63:06), then came Paul Mitchell (355th/65:13) and Peter Trott (392nd/67:32). Another great age category result was delivered by Bev Warburton, who was 5th in W55 (423rd/68:38)….and Bev is another of our serial smilers!

“Mr Marathon” Steve New was just doing a short one today, and finished 446th in 69:21, followed in by Jon Lewis (462nd/70:21), Kath Petersen (465th/69:55!) and Julie Broughton (514th/72:08). Sarah Lees (517th/72:31), Mandy Barrington (523rd/73:13) and Sarah Patnett (531st/73:35) all seemed to have a fun day out there…..

Not far behind were Tania Miranda (552nd/74:40), Emma Shumack (619th/77:49) and the ever-cheerful Stephen Farmer (635th/79:53).

Full results can be found here. There were 782 finishers.

Saturday had the usual array of parkrun venues and results, with one interesting addition!

Barry Island: 1st Ben Butler-Madden 19:50, 36th Melissa Smith 24:27, 42nd Andrea Hurman 24:51, 79th Ian Warburton 27:14, 106th Beth Apglyn 29:52

Grangemoor: 26th Chris Herdman 22:04, 28th Rachel Eales 22:24, 30th Tom Eales 22:25, 55th Mark Taylor 23:59, 96th Arabella Calder 26:42, 98th Susannah Kingdon 26:45

Pontypridd: 133rd Bev Warburton 26:31, 144th Mandy Barrington 27:05

Daventry: 111th Paul Whitmarsh 28:38

Zandvlei, South Africa: 18th Clem Clement 22:37, 109th Janice Clement 28:27

Our South Africa Correspondent Clem Clement has sent this report (the wonders of Facebook Messenger, thanks Clem!)….

“While home in August Lyn mentioned that South Africa had the most parkruns outside the UK. So we decided we would have to do one. Green Park in Cape Town was the obvious but then Janice spotted Zandvlei was only just down the cape and that was it. Despite being called sad by several people we decided to go for it. How to get there! Train! The books said to travel.in daylight and first class and it would be fine. That was okay. There is a timetable on the web but in reality it was a bit the catchphrase from Pirates of the Caribbean – more like guidelines!! After several switches of platforms eventually we were underway and for about 80 pence we travelled for 45 minutes. British Rail- take note. We stayed about a mile away from the park and had a nice gentle jog down to the start. There were lots of people already milling around and everybody was friendly and encouraging”

“We had a great applause when we responded to the call out for tourists saying we were from the UK (played safe). The course was multi terrain with soft grassland based on very sandy soil which broke through for most of the second half of the figure of 8 course. The scenery was lovely and the course was right next to the lake.. . . in some places very close to the edge. There were lots of walkers from the get go but everyone seemed to have a good time in the early morning sun”

And finally, we should mention some sterling volunteering effort by 6 of our members who attended a running-related First Aid Course organised by the Vale of Glamorgan on Saturday morning in Barry. It’s reassuring to know we have some medical knowledge to rely on at our club-organised races and the local parkruns. So big round of applause for Lyn Evans, Cath Barker, Sarah Lees, Emma Shumack/Healey, Colin Caesar and Julie Broughton.

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