24 May Weekend Roundup 23 – 24 May 2020

Only a couple of P&D Club Challenges to report on this weekend!

After last week’s frenetic activity chasing around local streets looking for the letters to spell “PORTHKERRY PLOD”, we were all hoping to dial it down a notch…so this week was all about sharing our favourite places to run, showcased with stunning scenery and sweaty selfies. As a side-hustle, the Chairman was going to give suitable photos the “Knackered Dragon Stamp of Approval”, and invite members to move these virtual stamps around the area. However continuing the relaxed vibe, this didn’t really take off, so instead we have just a celebration of the beautiful and diverse countryside that we are privileged to exercise in.

Kicking off proceedings, Simon Williamson was chuffed to be back in Porthkerry Country Park, which reopened for exercisers last weekend (it was shut for 8 weeks due to the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions). He had quite a thoughtful run, as 17th May was the day we had originally set for the Club’s annual trail race, the P5MT, which has been postponed for the same reasons. Simon’s favourite loop took in an interesting Art Trail and also gave the opportunity to run past a friendly beast….

Quick off the mark the next day, Debbie Williams was dragon-hunting in Cosmeston Lakes Country Park, which like Porthkerry had also reopened at the weekend. Debbie’s route is popular with virtually everyone in the Club, and is used in the courses for parkrun, the Cosmeston Relays and our Winter Trail race, CF64.

Other members were also enjoying being “back in Cossie”, as it’s fondly known. Andy Pearce often combines the park with the beach at Sully…..

Chris Nellins knows the Penarth and Dinas area like the back of his hand, but confesses that the favourite part of any run he does is the homecoming bit…..

Mr Nellins’ conversational runs are the stuff of Club folklore, so it was only right that one of us paid homage to his legendary “northern summer ramble”. Mandy Barrington bravely rose to the task, and only got lost a couple of times! Mandy visited the extremely scenic “Salmon Leaps” and, as usual on a Nellins run, found something interesting to chat about….

Leckwith Hill has been the venue of many Club hill sessions, as has Beach Road (Penarth)….both got a visit this week, from Abyd Quinn Aziz and Melissa Smith respectively…

Other visitors to Cogan Wood in Cossie included our ‘cover girl’ Andrea Goodfellow (who supplied her own Knackered Dragon!) and Kit Lambert….

Of course, ‘Barrybados’ would always feature on the Top-10 list of favourite runs for our members… the editor has a run he calls “Round the Island”, which takes in all three beaches, and is a wonderful experience at any time of year. Beth Apglyn, Debbie Rees and Lisa Cleary all paid their respects to The Island this week….

Colin Caesar was still recovering from his street-bashing adventures endured last week and didn’t venture too far from home. Colin found an oasis of green hidden in the central part of town….

Out west in Rhoose, we had local lass Julie Broughton offering up dragon-stamping opportunities in unlikely places, and Kuldeep Singh visiting the Welsh Coast Path on a very long run out of Barry….

Meanwhile back up in ‘Malcolm Bradley’ country, we had a couple of insurgents making raiding parties on some of the great man’s favourite trails. Simon Williamson snook in for a southern sortie, claiming St Lythan’s Burial Ground, whilst Louise Hunt was gingerly risking the northern borders, with a tentative advance beyond Drope….

King Malcolm wasn’t fazed….he got out his special flag to mark up his territory, and wore a bespoke teeshirt….

We had two members trail-bashing up in the north part of the region. Judy Maragna, was exploring the woods in Radyr, and came ready-prepared with a dragon expertly-drawn by her grand daughter….

Ruth Cann was exploring the hills beyond Castell Coch, which she’s fortunate enough to have in her ‘back yard’….

We shared these runs/photos on our Facebook members’ page, and there was one common message reflected by most of us…we miss our group social runs! Runners are used to the solitude of solo training sessions, but this period of lockdown has made us really pine for the companionship and banter enjoyed when running (and putting the world to rights!) with a group of friends. Here’s the map of where Penarth and Dinas Runners were out on their adventures this week…..

And talking of maps, we need to update what’s been occurring on the P&D Welsh Castles Challenge. On 4th May we set members the task of covering the 104 miles between Newtown and Cardiff, with the Chairman applying a ‘pace calculation’ to help people along the way. The fast boys Ian Southwell, Andy Pearce and Paul Delaney (Morton) knocked this off in no time at all, followed in by the ever-consistent Beth Apglyn. Surprise package and ‘Mr Consistent’ Nigel Adams was home mid-week, followed shortly after by Simon Williamson and Kit Lambert. Then on Saturday we had quite a diverse trio making it home…Women’s Club Captain Lisa Cleary, Club Treasurer Lyn Evans (who ran the entire challenge on his treadmill) and Paul McGilvray, who is presently based up in Harrogate!

Here is the data associated with everyone’s efforts up until Saturday night.  Next member homing in on Cardiff Castle is Shirley Howman, now 1.2 miles into Stage 20, and just under 9 miles from the finish.

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