24 Feb Weekend Roundup 23-24 Feb 2019

A quiet weekend, not a lot of race action, but, wow, what a great couple of days to be outside! Foggy mornings, but once the sun was out it was glorious. I was privileged to be a volunteer at Barry Island parkrun on Saturday morning, manning the Car Park exit…wonderful job, you get a brilliant view of Jackson’s Bay, and see runners going up towards the headland (all smiles), then coming back (not so smiley). I’ve been following the progress of the guy who regularly “closes in the field” (Jason) and it’s been a joy to see his progress, aided and abetted by tail walker Jeff Cox, who many of you will know as a very useful VM55 competitor. Well Jason took a massive 2 minutes and 39 seconds off his best time this week and literally sprinted across the line…absolutely inspiring, and I felt very lucky to be present and give him a cheer.

Two new members to welcome this week….Dr Katie Clark and Laurie Smith. Katie is already a regular on training nights, and known to a few of us as a talented trainer delivering CPR courses for the British Heart Foundation. Great to have you on board Katie and Laurie!

Photos this week all taken by Jen Danger Harding of Penarth Women’s Runners (thanks!) at Grangemoor parkrun, with cover girl a fleet of foot Yvonne Williams. Some good performances at Grangemoor too….Chris Herdman getting close to his course PB (9 secs adrift), Louise Hunt loping off 3 seconds and Kath Petersen improving by a whopping 29 seconds. Here are the complete parkrun results….

Grangemoor: 24th Chris Herdman 21:29, 30th Chris Nellins 21:57, 36th Louise Hunt 22:19 (PB), 51st Peter Trott 23:46, 60th Mark Taylor 24:20, 67th Steve Goodfellow 24:52, 79th Bev Warburton 25:34, 85th Kath Petersen 25:45 (PB), 98th Lindsey Hunt 26:46, 102nd Yvonne Williams 27:14, 108th Stephen Farmer 27:42, 120th Glenn Powell 28:11, 122nd Andrea Goodfellow 28:28

Barry Island: 5th Andy Pearce 19:28, 12th Colin Caesar 20:52, 59th Andrea Hurman 25:08, 79th Richard Jackson 26:14, 84th Lisa Cleary 26:33 (2 mins spent talking to marshals!), 93rd Arabella Calder 27:11, 146th Julie Broughton 30:54, 180th Paul Whitmarsh 34:16

Llanerchaeron: 2nd Ian Southwell 19:15

Cardiff: 245th Tim Cummings 23:56, 524th Mark Pearce 28:44

Bakewell: 210th Mandy Barrington 26:06 (Mandy was attending a Marathon training course, hoping to get an update during the week!)

Springburn: 11th Clem Clement 20:27, 64th Janice Clement 26:20

Colby: 42nd Laurie Smith 25:59, 54th Katie Clarke 26:29, 91st Jake Bourne 29:52

Here are a selection of photos from Grangemoor….

Chris Nellins looking very over-dressed (for Chris) and Steve Goodfellow desperate not to look over his shoulder in case Mr Farmer is lurking there!

Kath Petersen and Bev Warburton comparing times at the barcode scanner ….

Andrea Goodfellow demonstrating assured cornering technique….

Next week’s roundup promises to be an interesting one (just for a change!) with an intrepid group of P & D Runners “out east”…no, not Newport, they’re in Tokyo! And action from the final Gwent XC League, which is also east, but only as far as Bristol.

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