23 Feb Weekend Roundup 22-23 February 2020

Cover shot this weekend shows our “Silver Boys” on their way to V60 Team medals at the Welsh Cross Country Championships on Saturday afternoon…the full story of how they did it can be found in this Weekend’s Roundup. (Photo credit to Paul Stillman)

But first we need to report on some top notch parkrun action, although the gusty winds played havoc in the region again, with lots of cancellations due to unsafe course conditions. Paul McGilvray ran like the wind at Grangemoor, recording his first ever sub-20 finish, 8th across the line in the marvellous time of 19:38. Paul was the first member to join the select Chairman’s Challenge Club that is #20in20, followed shortly after by Brian Law….well now Joe Turner has gatecrashed the party, with a fantastic new parkrun PB of 20:03, knocking 57 seconds off his previous best time. Big congratulations, Joe!

Another amazing achievement took place at Haverfordwest with Bev Warburton notching up her 100th parkrun…that’s as good an excuse for a car park selfie as you’ll ever get, well done Bev!

Meanwhile whilst we were enduring icy blasts of windchill factor zero, the Clements were ‘enduring’ 30 degree temperatures on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. As is his way, Clem was confusing the locals telling them home was Scotland whilst wearing a Welsh Dragon on his vest. Unfortunately Janice had picked up a foot injury in New Zealand, so was under doctor’s order to walk the course….and use the opportunity to chat up the natives and find the best places to visit.

York parkrun

A total of 461 runners took part.

View full results for York parkrun event #371

Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 Terence Gareth FORREST Cairngorm Runners 00:17:00
20 17 Joe TURNER Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:20:03
34 1 Monika SMUTEK Unattached 00:20:44


Graves parkrun

A total of 182 runners took part.

View full results for Graves parkrun event #396

Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 Stuart CARRACK Unattached 00:18:25
6 1 Martha COYLE Brighton & Hove City AC 00:20:35
48 41 Christopher NELLINS Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:25:03


Kawana parkrun

A total of 208 runners took part.

View full results for Kawana parkrun event #383

Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 Eli BAKER Unattached 00:16:35
12 1 Clare RICKARDS Unattached 00:21:17
15 10 Clem CLEMENT Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:21:35
203 101 Janice CLEMENT Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:55:58


Haverfordwest parkrun

A total of 63 runners took part.

View full results for Haverfordwest parkrun event #127

Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 Ben SKINNER Hereford Couriers RC 00:19:21
8 1 Sarah MAY Just Jog – Bideford 00:23:51
24 4 Beverley WARBURTON Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:28:49


Barry Island parkrun

A total of 134 runners took part.

View full results for Barry Island parkrun event #248

Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 Ben SINCLAIR Pont-y-pwl and District Runners 00:19:01
4 4 Andy PEARCE Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:20:20
6 6 David BROWN Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:21:44
10 1 Samantha TOOP Lliswerry Runners 00:23:03
61 13 Arabella CALDER Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:28:07
69 16 Kate CHESHIRE Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:29:13
70 17 Bethan APGLYN Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:29:13
73 51 Meurig CHAPPLE Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:29:41


Grangemoor parkrun

A total of 292 runners took part.

View full results for Grangemoor parkrun event #224

Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 Ryan CULLEN CDF Runners 00:17:48
8 7 Paul MCGILVRAY Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:19:38
12 1 Gemma LUCKETT CDF Runners 00:20:04
21 18 Steven BARKER Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:20:43
24 2 Catherine BARKER Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:21:05
25 20 Dave MATHEWS Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:21:08
28 3 Rachel EALES Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:21:39
33 27 Christopher Daniel SEAL Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:21:50
54 44 Mark TAYLOR Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:23:16
99 18 Sophie GOTT Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:25:47
124 85 Tom EALES Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:27:16
190 65 Zoe BARBER Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:30:04


Aberdare parkrun

A total of 113 runners took part.

View full results for Aberdare parkrun event #82

Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 Geraint WILLIAMS Unattached 00:19:48
20 1 Llinos DAVIES Canicross Cymru 00:23:42
32 29 Michael MORGAN Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:24:55


Coed Cefn-pwll-du parkrun

A total of 98 runners took part.

View full results for Coed Cefn-pwll-du parkrun event #5

Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 Dafydd ROBBINS-HILL Unattached 00:17:55
10 1 Lucy ROUSE Unattached 00:22:22
20 17 Malcolm BRADLEY Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:25:47


Simon Williamson can be quite persistent at times (I know him quite well!), and one thing he’s been banging on about since he joined the ranks of “The Very Old” (MM60) last year was the fact P&D now have a burgeoning squad of old boys who aren’t that slow, and wouldn’t it be good if we could gather them together to chase after some team results? He was thinking relays, but then chanced upon the prize list for the Welsh Cross Country Championships, did a bit of analysis of the last two years’ results (sad but true) and then set about trying to entice the better runners to enter, so that he could piggyback on and earn a medal garnered by other peoples’ efforts! 😂😂

The charm offensive started and in no time at all he had recruited Brian Law and Frank Atherton, but with Terry McCarthy and the “really old boys” (John D, Malcolm and Chris N) not available, it looked like Williamson might have to pull his finger out and actually have a proper run if we had any chance of our medal dream.

Pembrey Country Park is a great venue for cross country racing, unless you are a out-and-out mudlark….sandy soil underfoot, lovely pinewoods, and some short, sharp stinger hills…no long ‘infinity’ climbs. Being a Championship race there is no hiding place…170 runners toeing the line, all of them XC exponents, this is no place for the faint-hearted. My role as the weakest link was to a) finish b) beat anyone in a Les Croups or Parc Bryn Bach vest. I started by trying to track Frank, and amazingly Brian is just ahead of us…here we go, Blue and Yellow Army marching towards Golden Glory! First mile passes and Williamson thinks maybe that was a bit ambitious, oh dear, bye bye Brian and Frank. Time to hunker down and concentrate on the race situation that surrounds you…Bridgend? Not bothered. Aberdare? Not bothered. Parc Bryn Bach? Engage limpet mode, sorry son, you aren’t going anywhere…

Up ahead, Brian is having  a blinder, eventually finishing just 25 seconds shy of the Individual Bronze Medal position. Frank runs his usual ‘precision pace’ effort, just over a minute back on Brian, but where is The Weakest Link? Stumbling down the final descent, straight into a Gale Force-9 wind and, oh, did I mention it’s now raining? Come on Si, unleash the sprint that was last used in the Surrey Schools’ 5000m in May 1974 (according to my very worse-for-wear training diary)….yep, turbo-burners are ON, this is going well, wait a minute, a green vest has gone past, s@*% it’s that Parc Bryn Bach bloke!. Frank re-assures me he wasn’t THAT old (it was Nicky Osman, a mere M50 yoof…😂)

So now a desperate wait to see if we had done it…..Les Croups had Dave James (individual gold medallist) leading them in, so hopefully we could bag silver….and we did, putting Parc Bryn Bach to the sword. A medal in a National Cross Country Championship race, the stuff of dreams for the Club Chairman….can we go one-better next year chaps? Better get training! Photo credit to Ben Butler-Madden, congrats on your Senior team bronze and MM35 team gold! Full results can be found here.

Many miles away in Seville, Lisa Cleary was quietly getting ready for yet another marathon…number 41, and this being Lisa, still 9 away from her target for 2020! 😂

I’m going to post Lisa’s splits here, because they are a master class in how to run a marathon…start steadily, then gradually ramp it up….look at the way she scythes her way through the W55 field, total quality….

Hopefully she’s not been arrested by the local authorities for cooling her feet off in the municipal fountain, or being in possession of a rather large daffodil….

One final race effort that needs to be documented…Darren Morgan finished the Hoka Half Marathon Trail Race in 2:37:40…great effort Darren, well on track to do yourself proud at the London Marathon in April, top work fella!

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