03 Feb Weekend Roundup 2-3 Feb 2019

As the above photo shows (thanks Malcolm Bradley), this weekend was all about the snow and the havoc it played with the running events calendar all over the UK. The organisers of the Ponty Reverse ’10’ had an unenviable decision to make on Saturday afternoon, postponing the race due to hazardous ice on the course. Lots of disappointed P&Ders (it was the second race in the Club Champs), but most of us re-scheduled our plans and got out training somewhere…it was actually quite a nice sunny morning, but pretty sketchy underfoot if you chose to go off-road.

A gallant band of seven took on one of ‘Malcolm’s Magical Mystery Tours’, meeting at Culverhouse Cross for a voyage into the unknown.  Who’d have thought there was a long-lost canal in the Vale of Glamorgan…?

Two hours of wet feet, laughter and banter ensued….and lots of tired legs at home this afternoon. Well done Tania, Lyn, Yvonne, Ruth, Sarah, Louise and thank you Malcolm for organising at short notice.

There were lots of parkrun cancellations nationwide, but the Cardiff area (and South Africa!) carried on……

Barry Island: 9th Ben Butler-Madden 19:58, 40th Lisa Cleary 24:05, 77th Ian Warburton 27:38, 81st Yvonne Williams 27:58 (73.6% Age Grade score), 88th Beth Apglyn 28:20

Grangemoor: 22nd Tom Eales 22:27, 25th Chris Herdman 22:41, 27th Rachel Eales 22:45, 74th Kath Petersen 27:05, 77th Arabella Calder 27:08, 97th Chris Seal 28:57, 160th Debbie Williams 46:49 (Tailwalker)

Knysna (South Africa): 5th Clem Clement 22:34, 25th Janice Clement 27:15

Clem and Janice were busy making friends in SA, and surprisingly weren’t the first Welsh people to finish….they met up with the formidable Welsh family…young Ross finished in first place (18:26), followed in by Dad Robert (2nd in 19:39) and then Mum Jasna finished just ahead of Janice in 27:08! Here’s the obligatory Welsh finishers’ photo….not jealous at all about the weather out there…..

Quick reminder of Club events coming up…..we have the 4th fixture in the Gwent XC League next Saturday 9th February at Pontypool Park…lots of hills, mud, and maybe some snow, still? Go on, you know you want to…..Monday 11th February sees the Club AGM  after training at Cogan Leisure Centre, Penarth, and then finally the Awards Night at Penarth Rugby Club on Friday, 15th February. See you all there!

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