18 Mar Weekend Roundup 16-17 March 2019

Perhaps this should have been renamed “Marathon Prep Weekend”….with most prospective P&D marathoners heading to 20 mile races organised by San Domenico RC or Gloucester AC. Cover boy this week is Gary Brown, our fastest finisher at San Dom (all photos from this race courtesy of Robert Gale from Parc Bryn Bach…more can be found here, thanks Robert!). Great running by Gary, he finished 3rd M35 running at just over 6 minute/mile pace, which should produce a cracking marathon time. Full results here, for both the 20 and the 10.

San Dom 20: 5th Gary Brown 2:01:52, 36th Paul Morton 2:28:18, 38th David Brown  2:30:18, 54th Ruth Cann 2:39:37, 60th Chris Herdman 2:40:58, 155th Julie Broughton 3:15:12, 204th Steve New 3:39:09

San Dom 10: 31st Steve Goodfellow 1:29:54, 44th Andrea Goodfellow 1:38:29

Here are some more of Robert’s photos….debutant in Blue and Yellow David Brown, Paul Morton deciding whether to train or race, and “Stevie G” with his usual two-fingers to the cap police!

Meanwhile over in Gloucester, Storm Gareth winds had abated and a nice sunny day greeted our runners. Nice strong run by Kit in his preparation for London. Full results here….

Gloucester 20: 114th Kit Lambert 2:37:40, 235th Ian Warburton 2:50:52, 236th Debbie Warburton 2:50:52, 401st Mandy Barrington 3:26:21

Slightly further east, Sarah Patnett completed the very popular Bath Half Marathon (about 15,000 runners!) in 2:04:14.

Saturday had not so many parkrun finishers for the club, but as usual we were scattered all over the globe! Clem and Janice, as per usual, were tourists, this time at the “hallowed turf” of the original parkrun in Bushy Park, next to Hampton Court. I’ve run here myself and it’s certainly an experience, as there are regular fields of over a thousand. Here’s Clem’s report….

“For me it was more about the journey than the actual run, but we both did our best to run good times as well as enjoy the unique atmosphere of so many parkrunners, 1234 finishers on this occasion. The start is now on grass next to the Diana Fountain. Don’t be fooled, this is Diana the Goddess of Hunting and not the Princess of Wales. Appropriate perhaps for runners hunting camaraderie and the community feel of parkrun. Once the arrowhead of the run is established it is onto paths, but whether you run on the path or the grass beside it is determined by the numbers around you. The strava mapping of the latest course, this is the third because of the increase in popularity, makes it look like a butterfly and that was the adapt description given beforehand. It is flat, and on a dryish day in March there were few puddles on the hardened mud / gravel / hoggin (for you Steve Wright in the Afternoon fans – yes that’s without a ‘g !!) paths which meant good running was possible. Despite the numbers there was still a very personable feel to it all, and when the prosecco and cake came out for a milestone it felt even better”.

Here are the parkrun results….

Bushy Park: 125th Clem Clement 21:42, 665th Janice Clement 28:16

Ballina Coast (Australia): 50th Yvonne Williams 28:42

Penallta: 26th (1st Female finisher) Ruth Cann 23:17

Highbury Fields: 30th Dave Mathews 20:31

Merthyr: 5th Mike Morgan 20:07

Cardiff: 28th Ian Southwell 18:09

Barry Island (#200): 15th Terry McCarthy 23:31, 83rd Paul Whitmarsh 29:12, 131st Sarah Lees 33:01

Grangemoor: 24th Mark Taylor 23:07, 32nd Steven Barker 23:30, 49th Gareth Davies 24:42, 52nd James Buckingham 24:46, 59th Jon Lewis 25:22, 75th Kath Petersen 26:05, 82nd Glenn Powell 26:53, 84th Stephen Farmer 27:19, 96th Arabella Calder 28:34

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