14 Jun Weekend Roundup 13-14 June 2020

The Photo Challenges were put on the back burner this week, as everyone prepared themselves to do battle with the Cardiff Summer Series 3 Mile Time Trial on Friday…more about that later.

Several Club members took advantage of a slight “loosening” of lockdown measures in Wales to ‘meet up with a member of another household in a socially-distanced outdoor setting’…sounded like a great excuse to go out for a run with someone just a bit faster!

Malcolm Bradley and Simon Williamson are gentlemen of leisure, and took the opportunity of a sunny Tuesday to meet up in deepest Dyffryn country. They were able to compare notes regarding which paths have become the most overgrown and, more importantly, test each other’s fitness levels to decide who might win the Club Over 60’s crown this year (having both stolen a march on Chris Nellins and Brian Law….)

Beth Apglyn and Joe Turner met up at Barry Island, and possibly spent the first ten minutes of their run apologising for the identical teeshirt choice….awkward! 😂

Mandy Barrington and Cam Large chose a joint venue (Bute Park) for their attempt at the CSS 3 Mile, and incorporated a social bike ride and 2-metre coffee catchup….

It’s been simply astounding how many Club members have responded to the ‘call for arms’ to participate in the 2020 Club Championships, which have been completely re-jigged to incorporate virtual races in the absence of real ones. Friday saw the third race in the Cardiff Summer Series, the rarely-run 3 Mile…and I wonder how many runners did the extra 200m or so to make it up to 5k? We had an incredible THIRTY-NINE members enter the event, with another three registering their own individual times to be counted in our championships. They were Chris Nellins (23:34), Gareth Davies (24:34) and Kath Petersen (26:22).

Full results of the day and the ongoing series can be found on the Summer Series summary website. We have some great standings in the overall series, with just the 4 Mile to be run on 26th June…..

Leading the series are Beth Apglyn (Senior Women), Lisa Cleary (W55), Judy Maragna (W65) and Malcolm Bradley (M65).  We have several excellent 2nd places; Louise Hunt (W35), Andy Pearce (M50), Kevin Chalke (M55) and Brian Law (M60), with 3rd place overall belonging to Joe Turner (senior Men) and Debbie Warburton (W50)….fantastic, consistent running by all of them.

It’s always difficult singling out individual performances when everyone has run their heart out, but here goes….

Joe Turner, finishing 23rd in 18:10, had a phenomenal run, equivalent to 18:45 or thereabouts for 5k, which is a massive 50 seconds inside his previous PB for that distance. My ‘spies’ tell me Joe has lost a fair bit of weight from not indulging himself with office snacks…perhaps one ‘takeaway’ from lockdown WFH that’s had a positive benefit.

Maybe a similar story, dare I say it, for Tim Cummings, who’s been using a furlough opportunity to get fit on the bike and treadmill. Tim showed some of his previous pedigree with a seriously-impressive 22:03, which if he can keep injury-free augurs well for the rest of the summer.

Talking of injury, we’ve had a number of members who’ve been struggling with niggles, but put it behind them and did the business. Kudos to Lisa Cleary (hamstring), Jan Frost (achilles) and Debbie Rees (knee/calf) for getting out there and toughing it out!

Other people have been struggling with work/family balance in these very difficult times, with salaries to be earned and children to be educated. Well done Emma Healy, Sophie Gott and Sarah Lees for finding time in your busy lives to manage a run.

Finally lets say well done to new member Gideon Calder…cracking time of 23:52 in his first ‘race’ and bragging rights at the Calder dinner table!

Here are a selection of selfies and action from a very productive day for the Club…..in order, Andy Pearce striding out, Simon Williamson not believing the watch evidence, and Judy Maragna, Julie Broughton and Emma Healy glad to have finished their efforts!

Finally, we need to give an update on the P&D Welsh Castles Relay Challenge. There’s been another finisher…Steven Barker has made it across the line. Very close to joining Steven are Mandy Barrington, Colin Caesar and Emma Healy, who have all made it on to Stage 20, within spitting distance of Cardiff Castle! Here’s a photo of Steven running tall at last year’s Cardiff Half Marathon and the map + progress table end of play on Friday.

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