15 Mar Weekend Roundup 12 – 15 March 2021

Another weekend, another opportunity for P&D members to score points in the 2021 Club Championships with a Virtual 3 mile offering from Welsh Athletics.

But also a chance for two of our gang to complete personal challenges they have taken on during the “age of lockdown”….

The map of Barry above looks as though the town has been flooded by multiple canals! It’s actually a representation of all the streets Lisa Cleary has run down in the last few months. The City Strides app partners with Strava to log every street you’ve visited when out running, the challenge being to cover 100% of the streets in your local area…and what better person to take this on than “Barry born & bred lass” Lisa. Her Strava stats began to look like a demented spider had got in the works…

Lisa reckons she completed the challenge ‘plodding’ 220 miles of local streets, roads, lanes, alleyways and other places she never knew existed in her home town. The final leg over the weekend had assistance from local runners Jeff Cox, Becky Margatree and our own Jane Sheldon to take on the slightly dodgy Link Road. Huge congratulations Lisa Cleary, turn up your Smugometer to full level! 😂👏👍

Jane Sheldon is also on the City Strides adventure, but announced this week that she had completed another virtual challenge….covering 870 miles of the Welsh Coastal Path between Chester and Cardiff. Great achievement Jane…who tells me she’d like to actually cover the path on the ground as well at some time in the future. We are are fortunate to have some of it very close to Barry and Penarth.

A wet and wild weekend added another (unwelcome) dimension to a further instalment of the Club Championship battle…and as usual, a group of ‘chancers’ getting out their weather apps and leaving their 3 mile TT effort until the last moment! To be honest it didn’t make much of a difference. Bit of sunshine today (Monday) but the wind still swirling around like a mad dervish creature, intent on taking your legs from under you.

As is his way, newly-installed Vice Chair Kit Lambert got out early on Friday morning on a loop we should actually name after him in Penarth Marina, and which was used by many other speed merchants over the weekend. Kit scorched to 19:12 and for good measure kept going to 5k and recorded a PB 19:50.

Meanwhile the Chair Simon Williamson also decided to play his cards early, possibly not helped by an ‘extended’ warmup due to the original route being under a lot of flood water. He eventually ended up on a flat stretch of old 5 Mile Lane, running repeat 500m legs to cover 5k in 22:09, and 3 miles in 21:30. Meanwhile over in Penarth Tom Eales ran a loop from his front door that took in wind, rain and Beach Hill….great time of 21:03, all things considered. Sarah Di Tomaso took on loops of the Knap in Barry and was rewarded with a time of 31:15, aided and ‘abetted’ by Coach Tim Cummings shouting “pick it up, pick it up” in her ear!

Saturday morning welcomed some of the fast boys to the Kit Lambert Circuit, and first off was Anthony Bannon burning rubber with a superb 17:39 clocking, combined with an unofficial 18:16 5k PB. Following on from this performance Ian Southwell laid down his usual benchmark speedfest with a mightily impressive 16:55, finishing it off with 17:15 at 5k. Andy Pearce was down at the Marina later in the day, and zoomed around to an impressive 17:53…but Andy being Andy, he planned to go out again at some stage to eke a few more seconds off that time! 😂

Gideon Calder has been making great progress since joining the Club last year, and should be very pleased with a 22:36 clocking which used part of the Grangemoor parkrun course. Colin Caesar was just behind Gideon on 22:38, but in a completely different location…a windswept Waterfront down at Barry Island. Meanwhile Malcolm Bradley was up on his usual stomping ground of Port Road, fighting that nasty westerly with a strong 22:29…but of course that wasn’t enough for this maniac…he was out again on Monday lunchtime to bring it home in 22:00! 😂👏👍

Finishing off Saturday’s roster were Louise Hunt battling her way to Taff’s Well in 26:36 and Tania Miranda taking on the wilds of Sully in a creditable 28:03.

Sunday dawned quite bright, but the pesky wind was still there giving everyone a battering. Early riser Kevin Chalke bagged a solid time of 19:24 and, like a lot of us, professed to getting a bit fed up with solo race efforts. As Lisa Cleary said on her Strava thread after her 22:43 up Argae Lane and back….“Longest 3 miles ever! 😬 I’ve had a guts full of Virtual, Solo running – give me friends, hills, mud etc! 🥰”   Not long now, fingers crossed.

Someone who runs fast irrespective of company (apart from a kind husband opening the gates on her route!) is Catherine Barker, who charged out and back in Cosmeston recording a fantastic 20:25 (21:10 5k), which surely must have won the W40 Series for her. Back in Grangemoor both Debbie Warburton (22:50) and Kath Petersen (25:05) were struggling with the same bit of mud near the start point…as Kath put it “like Bambi on an ice rink”! Debbie was typically honest on her Strava assessment…“leg holding up much better but school girl error this morning not reccing route, so it was short and I had to mess about adding on, it was muddy, busy, with too many gates and turns- that’ll teach me for winging it 🤣🤣🤣”  Also up in that neck of the woods was Arabella Calder, who ran 26:49, which lead her W50 Age Category for a while (see below)…well done you! Mind you breathing down her neck in the same category was Andrea Goodfellow, who ran 27:00 on the Grangemoor parkrun course. Interestingly husband Steve G zoomed around to a 25:18 5k clocking at the same time, which equates to 24:29…striking the fear of God into his Amigo mates! 🤣

Recent ‘new recruit’ to the Amigo Gang James Buckingham opted for a flat blast around the Cardiff parkrun course and came up just short of Steve’s effort, but with a nonetheless cracking 24:31. Gareth Davies trusted Kit’s choice of course and produced a sterling 24:28, Debbie Rees ran strongly (without her Wingman Williamson) around the Knap clocking 27:11, whilst Richard Jackson looped round Llandough in 28:19

That Tim Cummings bloke is a grafter…ran 23:02 on Sunday, but his athlete brain is not happy with it, so he hatches a plot to run again tonight and comes away with a massive improvement of, wait for it…TWO SECONDS! Fair play Tim, getting out after a 14 hour shift including nearly 10 hours of driving is heroic stuff, well done!

So finally we’ve arrived at Monday, and a cavalcade of wily runners getting out there to reflect the strength of the wind eventually dissipating…but not by much! Out early doors was Freddie Brown taking his chances on the Barrage and producing a highly encouraging 17:47. Nearly back to his best time for 5k, we’re all really pleased that he’s got over his persistent leg injuries. Up North the Clements were out and looking frisky…Clem floated his way to 20:36 and Janice was pleased with a 26:36 clocking. Chris Nellins polished up his ancient timepiece and strode out to 24:07, and Jonathan Irvine continued his progress back to full fitness with a solid 22:43. Neil Shewan had a strong run with 23:09 on his favoured turf, Sully Moors Road.

As the day went there were strong runs all over the place. Julie Broughton got out in her local manor up at the Airport and took the W50 Age Category by storm with a 24:31 clocking…fantastic running, another member getting back to full fitness after injury. Andrew May ran 26:09 up at his current base in Gelli, actually going through 2 miles faster than his effort last week and holding on valiantly….great stuff! Nigel Adams stormed through Sully to record a commendable 24:22, and Abyd Quinn Aziz stopped the clock  at 30:29. Margaret Ogden has been struggling a bit with illness recently, but managed to run a fine 27:02 on the Barrage today, with her teenage son for company. Steven Barker was nervous about stressing his sore hamstring, but managed to put together a 23:04 in Bute Park, fingers crossed for a full recovery soon, Steve. Kaarina Ruta kept us guessing as usual (!) and eventually posted a time of 19:52 at just after 6pm; superb running.

**Couple of Late Additions**  Paul Mitchell ran 26:20, and Sophie Gott posted a time of 26:51!

But the Chairman’s Award for the Most Impressive Performance of the Weekend has to go to Rachel Eales. Rachel is 30 weeks’ pregnant, but her and Bump ran a startling 26:41…totally awe-inspiring!

Here are the Club Results in the Welsh Athletics Race as at 9pm on Monday…possibly some more additions before the cut-off tonight. Some great Age Category victories there, too. Well done everyone!

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    Wonderful read.

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    Thanks Clem, much appreciated!

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    Everyone ran so well! Thanks for the great summary Simon!

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