02 Jun Weekend Roundup 1-2 June 2019

A fairly quiet weekend for the Club, ahead of what will be an epic one next week, with our annual participation in the Welsh Castles Relay. Club Captain Ben Butler-Madden (photo above courtesy of Debbie Rees) had put out a “call to arms” for Castles runners to have a final blast at Barry Island parkrun, which this week happened to coincide with ‘parkrun GP Pledge Day’. I’ve borrowed the following summary and photo from the Barry Island Facebook page, as Jonathan Salisbury, Frank Atherton and Lyn Evans are of course all members of P & D!

“It was a privilege to welcome members of Court Road Surgery, Barry and Chief Medical Officer for Wales, Dr Frank Atherton to Barry Island yesterday morning on ‘parkrun GP Pledge Day’. The day aimed to encourage GP practices to sign up the joint parkrun/RCGP ‘parkrun Practice’ programme, which helps GP practices link with local parkruns – and broaden the range of social prescribing options open them.

Partner Dr Jonathan Salisbury had worked with co-Event Director Lyn Evans to register Court Road Surgery as a parkrun Practice. Jonathan was presented with the surgery’s parkrun Practice certificate by Dr Atherton. Among the watching runners was Alun Cairns MP, Secretary of State for Wales, and like doctors Salisbury and Atherton, a keen parkrunner.

In welcoming Court Road Surgery as a parkun Practice, Dr Atherton spoke of the opportunities that parkruns provided to help improve both physical and mental health. Walking, jogging, running or volunteering at a local parkrun – for free – was a wonderfully easy way to spend time in the open air, to enjoy some physical activity and to meet new people in the local community – all proven to be beneficial to physical and mental wellbeing.

Making local GP practices aware of these opportunities was a great idea, Frank said, and he looked forward to many more GP practices, already over 1,000, who’d committed to being a parkrun Practice.

After receiving their certificate, Jonathan accompanied practice colleague Joanne Bell on her first ever parkrun – which she completed in just under 36 minutes (well done Joanne!). He then went off to complete the rest of his 22 mile training run.”

As to the run itself, not surprisingly a big show of strength from the Club, with Ben and Cath Barker first finishers and course PBs for Ian Southwell and Nathan Christoforato.

Here are the parkrun results for the weekend…..

Cardiff parkrun

A total of 678 runners took part.

View full results for Cardiff parkrun event #599

Position↓ Gender Position↓ parkrunner↓ Club↓ Run Time↓
1 1 Unknown ATHLETE Unattached 00:16:23
21 1 Charlotte TOWERS Canton Chargers 00:19:45
119 9 Ruth CANN Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:23:54

Springburn parkrun, Glasgow

A total of 118 runners took part.

View full results for Springburn parkrun, Glasgow event #254

Position↓ Gender Position↓ parkrunner↓ Club↓ Run Time↓
1 1 Philip MCCAIG Kirkintilloch Olympians 00:17:35
18 1 Pauline DOHERTY Unattached 00:21:39
84 18 Janice CLEMENT Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:29:30

Colby parkrun

A total of 162 runners took part.

View full results for Colby parkrun event #252

Position↓ Gender Position↓ parkrunner↓ Club↓ Run Time↓
1 1 Dan COLMAN Pembrokeshire Harriers AAC 00:18:53
37 1 Sarah ROBERTS Taf Running & Orienteering 00:22:49
74 15 Kate CHESHIRE Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:25:55

Hereford parkrun

A total of 209 runners took part.

View full results for Hereford parkrun event #233

Position↓ Gender Position↓ parkrunner↓ Club↓ Run Time↓
1 1 Eliot TAYLOR Cheltenham & County Harriers 00:17:36
13 1 Laura TOOTELL Wye Valley Runners 00:20:57
48 39 James BUCKINGHAM Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:24:29

Barry Island parkrun

A total of 238 runners took part.

View full results for Barry Island parkrun event #210

Position↓ Gender Position↓ parkrunner↓ Club↓ Run Time↓
1 1 Ben BUTLER-MADDEN Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:17:49
3 3 Ian SOUTHWELL Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:18:18
4 4 Nathan CHRISTOFORATO Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:18:23
7 7 Andy PEARCE Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:19:34
15 15 Kevin CHALKE Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:21:00
27 1 Catherine BARKER Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:22:08
31 30 Steven BARKER Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:22:40
32 31 Frank ATHERTON Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:22:41
39 37 Simon WILLIAMSON Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:23:08
51 4 Louise HUNT Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:23:49
72 62 Richard JACKSON Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:25:32
73 11 Andrea HURMAN Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:25:33
82 71 Christian OGDEN Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:26:10
87 13 Lisa CLEARY Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:26:20
92 15 Sarah LEES Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:26:34
96 16 Yvonne WILLIAMS Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:27:06
99 82 Glenn POWELL Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:27:14
132 33 Margaret OGDEN Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:29:20
205 127 Jonathan SALISBURY Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:35:55

Grangemoor parkrun

A total of 151 runners took part.

View full results for Grangemoor parkrun event #185

Position↓ Gender Position↓ parkrunner↓ Club↓ Run Time↓
1 1 Michael RILEY Les Croupiers RC 00:18:36
19 1 Helen JESSOP Les Croupiers RC 00:22:05
32 30 Steve GOODFELLOW Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:24:03
39 5 Jennifer TRICKLEBANK Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:24:45
44 9 Kathryn PETERSEN Penarth & Dinas Runners 00:25:22


Elsewhere this weekend we had two intrepid ladies taking on the Cardiff Aquathlon. It comprised of a 500m pool swim followed by a 5k run, although the stats seem to indicate the latter was slightly over-distance. Beth Apglyn covered the swim in 10:51, followed by a run of 28:18, with Judy Maragna completing the swim in 10:42, followed by a 36:41 run…well done both of you. Here’s Beth on the run….

Three other results to record. Mike Morgan finished 18th in the Hogweed Trot (10k) last Monday, recording a time of 38:51, whilst on Sunday Steve New finished 188th in the Garwnant Trail 10k, in a time of 65:15. Meanwhile up in Scotland, Janice Clement took on the Blair Rattray Half Marathon, finishing in 2:08:35 and 2nd in Age Category…here’s her summary (nicked off her Strava page!)

“Over a thousand feet of ascent, with some steep descents, this is not an easy race. On tarmac, except for one section of off-road towards the end, which was very slippy. It also rained for much of the race, but wasn’t particularly cold. The perfect training run ahead of Shetland HM in 2 weeks.”


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