20 Apr Virtual 5k Club Challenge

So after the success of our Marathon Miles Challenge last week we decided to up the ante a bit, but continue with the idea of a “virtual” solo time trial. And what better distance is there than 5k (don’t answer that!) It’s the Chairman’s favourite, as he constantly regales members with his #20in20 Challenge, but also missed by a lot of us due to the ongoing suspension of parkrun events, with no indication when they will recommence.

So this week’s Club Challenge was to run/walk a 5k, fast or slow as you like, uphill, downhill, with the dog, on the road, off the road…it just needed to be timed and measured by GPS and evidence submitted to the Chair, any time between Wednesday and Sunday.

It was the ‘usual suspects’ that got the ball rolling, with Judy Maragna first out of the blocks (35:04) on Wednesday morning, accompanied by her faithful pooch Haribo….

Kit Lambert was celebrating his 40th birthday on Wednesday, and what better way to start the day off than a lung-bursting 20:54! Kit’s time was nearly matched by Jon Ely, who clocked 20:57 on a tough course with a sting in the tail.

Next out was Glenn Powell (29:36), followed by Chris Seal reporting in that he had run a 5k Challenge on the previous Sunday (22:07), supporting the NHS via the Run for Heroes Fundme page which several other members have supported as well. Andrew Gardner posted a solid 22:47, and the day was finished to the reassuring hum of Lyn Evan’s treadmill, as he tapped out a workman-like 34:37 as part of a longer non-social, non-chatty hour’s exercise.

Some heavy-hitters laced up their racing shoes as Thursday dawned. Kevin Chalke blasted his way around the Dow Corning Strava segment, picking up 2nd place in the KOM ratings and an excellent 5k time of 20:03…but that wasn’t enough to lead the P & D Rankings, as Joe Turner completely decimated his PB up on a super-fast circuit in Rhoose. Joe well and truly entered the hallowed ground that is the Chairman’s #20in20 Club, with a tremendous 19:37 and masterclass of even-paced running….

Sophie Gott took her two kids round a fun-filled adventure exploring Penarth, clocking up 34:13…but she let the competitive runner get the better of her later in the week, and went around the same course in 27:16! Likewise, Ali Reeves wasn’t happy with her 32:11 on Wednesday, so knocked another 3 minutes off, clocking 29:19 on Thursday! It’s also been great seeing some of our members on their way back to full fitness…Melissa Smith produced a rock-solid 24:05. The day was finished off by Bethan Apglyn, who teased out a flattish course on Barry Island and produced the fastest Woman’s time of 21:15.

Friday dawned, another day to get out there and test yourself. Chris Nellins put on his Lliswerry tee shirt and nearly went in to full-stealth mode in his back garden, before strapping on his 90s watch and delivering a solid 23:49….

Meanwhile back in Barry, David Brown was being blown down towards Romilly Park in 20:30, whilst Jon Lewis chose the safe option…a virtual run on Venice Beach LA, knocking out 24:08 in the comfort of his own garage.

Kath Petersen eked out a 26:47 in Penarth, and Cam Large did a tour of Grangemoor in 27:05 to finish off Friday’s action….

Saturday was always going to get a healthy turnout, and so it proved. Lisa Cleary was up early, scorching 23:46 around a “secret” course in the back lanes on the way to Dinas. Andrea Goodfellow stuck to the tried and tested option of the Grangemoor parkrun course (27:34), as did Dave Mathews, who saw Kev and Joe’s times and thought “I can have that”, stomping round to a fine 19:10. Meanwhile Nigel Adams chose the Penarth cycle path to record 27:20, and Ian Southwell blitzed out a 19:19 as part of a longer training session! Back in the Barry area, Tim Cummings was chasing his girl friend up Buttrills Hill in pursuit of a cooked dinner (as you do….), winning the bet in 29:10. Julie Broughton was legging it around Rhoose in 26:15, whilst Jonathan Irvine and Anthony Bannon were knocking out 22:09 & 22:03 respectively in Penarth. Abyd Quinn Aziz backed up his fine sub-7 mile performance of last week with a strong 23:58, and Arabella Calder ran a solid 27:50 in Penarth.

Meanwhile, north of the border, Clem Clement scouted out the flattest course he could find, which also (by coincidence) ran in a straight line east to west, and guess what? There was a strong easterly! This potent combination, and some very strong legs, produced an outstanding 20:25. Back in the Vale, Malcolm Bradley was being equally meticulous in his race prep….he headed to the highest point above Wenvoe village and then proceeded to run west…Malcolm running downhill with a 12mph tailwind = a fast time, 22:07 to be precise!

Back in the Penarth area, Tania Miranda glided around 5k in 29:46, with Sarah Pope ‘close behind’ in 29:56. Colin Caesar strolled around Barry in a relaxed 29:51, whilst Emma Healy misread the directive, and ran 5 miles instead of 5k! We’ve calculated she went through 5k in about 30 minutes….

On to Sunday morning, and up extremely early in Barry was Nathan Christoforato, who is making a recovery from injury….but this didn’t stop him from producing a really tasty 18:56, which ended up being the fastest time of the Challenge. Meanwhile Louise Hunt was getting close to nature in her local lanes, observing geese and sheep, whilst gliding around to 25:49.

Next it was the turn of the Chairs….Yvonne Williams ran for the first time since September, posting a highly respectable 31:08 down in Dartmoor, whilst Simon Williamson failed in his attempt to outgun Clement and Bradley in astute route-planning, and gurned his way to 21:57 through the middle of Wenvoe Golf Course.

Mandy Barrington had a spring in her step back in Penarth, stopping the watch at 26:26, which was fortunate as the battery was about to give up the ghost!. And then we had the battle of the couples (well not really, but it sounds good….) First out of the gate were the Barkers, with Steven recording a very sharp 20:47 and Catherine clocking 21:52.

Next it was the turn of Ian and Debbie Warburton, who chose to run together, producing very strong times of 23:16 and 23:25 respectively. Great to see Debbie back running strongly after a fairly harrowing few months with a serious foot injury.

Stephen Farmer trotted round Penarth in 28:05, with Sarah Lees running out and back from home in Dinas in 31:06. Also in Dinas, Shirley Howman had a slight mishap in running only 3.01 miles (4.84k) instead of 5k. The Jury was convened (the Chairman and his calculator), and her time adjusted to 28:06. Jan Frost is another member recovering from injury, as she gamely walked/jogged towards Sully in 38:35. Back in Barry, Debbie Rees put in a fantastic effort to produce a tremendous PB time of 27:10, whilst Matt Webley ambled around a longer hilly trail run, with 5k covered in 38:25.

There were a couple more outings completed earlier in the week….Andy Pearce had a family run that equated to about 21:47 (allegedly!) and Mike Morgan posted a Strava time in Cardiff of 20:18.

The final ranking table is published below (apologies if I’ve got your Age Category wrong!)

Congratulations to all 51 of you who took part! Fantastic to have such a brilliant uptake for this challenge; here’s to the next one!

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