Our Team Captains 

Ben Butler-Madden

Ben Butler-Madden

Men’s Team Captain / Club Championship

As club captains our key purpose and focus for the club is to promote our members participation in competitive running events across the local running community and beyond. We want to encourage our willing members to take part in events, getting the enjoyment out of races that we have over the years. Also having a strong presence at local races will help build the profile of the club across the running community.

Being experienced club runners with a keen interest in all aspects of running we will encourage participation and share information on races that may be of interest to our club members. We will also coordinate participation in local races such as cross country and relays races, bringing club members together for the social aspect of running as well as competitive racing.

As club captains we also feel it’s important to recognise achievements of club members, whether that be competitive achievements in races or the personal progression of our members.

As the club continues to grow our aim is to maintain and build on our club member’s participation in races and running events, encouraging all willing club members to get involved in the joys of all things running.


Lisa Cleary

Ladies’ Team Captain / Secretary

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