22 Jun #statuebingo Challenge 15 – 21 June 2020

One of the “success stories” for Penarth and Dinas Runners during this three month lockdown has been the enthusiasm Club Members have shown for various photo challenges that have been set, usually over the course of a week. We’ve had searches for Blue and Yellow (our Club colours), shots of our favourite runs, the Rainbow Teeshirt Challenge and this week a Bingo Challenge…..or more accurately Statue Bingo, to pick up on one of the topical stories of the day. The Chairman came up with a 5 x 5 card which was a mixture of place names, objects and buildings, with the all-important statue right at the heart of things…he expected most people to get a couple of lines, but at the time of writing an intrepid THIRTEEN members bagged the lot, with Bethan Apglyn, Malcolm Bradley, Tania Miranda and Andrea Goodfellow achieving this during one outing!!

Special awards should also go to Jan Frost, Kuldeep Singh and Sophie Gott, who got out on multiple days to get the job done, refusing to be beaten and coming up with some very innovative interpretations.

Here are most of the targets in words and pictures…..


Lots of people headed towards Cogan Hall Farm, which was the obvious choice if running in Cosmeston Lakes Country Park. The more ‘urban’ dwellers had to use their knowledge of Welsh and local street names…..


Brynhill Golf Course was targeted by Malcolm on his mega-long afternoon out, and lots of people used the English translation to ‘hill’. Nigel Adams struck lucky with a cottage name in Penarth, ticking the box for CEFN at the same time….as did Sophie Gott, with another residence.


Most people found a suitable specimen at home…and very pretty they all were, too.


Nice mixture of urban and rural…the tree tunnels in Cosmeston were popular. Malcolm doubled up with a stile!


Lots of examples, most of them closed, of course…


The dragons in Porthkerry and Cogan Woods were popular again. And there were plenty of Welsh emblems to be spotted if you kept your eyes open.


Kit Lambert’s take with the Windrush plaque was particularly emotive. I expected most examples to be in Cardiff Bay, but there were some boats to be had in unusual settings….


Mainly railways, but lots of natural examples, too. Mandy Barrington even found a running version!


Cosmeston was of course a popular destination, as was The Knap in Barry.


Penarth and Barry/Porthkerry had hits. Judy Maragna got special dispensation for her river-view…her grand children call it “the beach”!


Plenty of fine examples, ranging from the grandeur of Porthkerry Viaduct through to some rickety woodland numbers, via some newly-painted railway crossings…


Not easy for the urban crew, but sometimes you got lucky with two in one place. Bethan’s stile-ettos were an inspired piece of rule-bending!


Pleasantly surprised how many of these cropped up in unusual places. Obviously the Bay had the most examples, but others were found all over the patch.


Most people interpreted this to be a valley…which never comes out that well in a photo; street signs were more effective. Judy scored a great double with her road sign!


Like the cafes, these were all shut…not what you want to see after a thirst-making run.


Yet again, Porthkerry and Cosmeston were popular destinations for this feature. There’s a nice example in the Bay, too…


Lots of pets got centre-stage, but also swans and cows. Simon Williamson’s experiment with herd immunity went horribly wrong when his ‘friends’ showed total disregard to social-distancing rules!


Was secretly hoping someone would spot the animal version. Plenty of large metal creatures in the Bay and around Barry Docks.


Cars proved popular….


Mixture of grand and small….


Penarthians headed towards well-known watering hole, Cefn Mably. Full marks to Kuldeep Singh for a bit of lateral thinking, using the ticket display machine at Barry Station to great effect!


A combination of very old examples hidden deep in the woods, through to modern buildings in a sad state of disrepair.

Thank you to all who took part!

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