Sospan 10 Mile MT Race Review – By Sarah Lees

29 Nov Sospan 10 Mile MT Race Review – By Sarah Lees

The year’s road club championship comes to its end in this multi terrain beautiful run, and one for me I personally did not want to miss. This event undeniably blew me away last year when I tried it out for the 1st time, the whole club knew of my enthusiasm following it, and I was especially pleased with my time that year and new 10 mile PB.


Enthusiasm for sign up this year was echoed by club members with 19 of us taking part, from far flung Glasgow to Barry we converged on Pembrey Country Park from shared cars on an especially chilly morning with the usual P&D camaraderie of much leg pulling from in-car entertainment chat enroute, chat continued to the usual pre- race runner’s conversation of which shoes, layers, toilet trips and last minute thoughts of pace.


The course and weather did not fail us again this year after a heavy night of rain, the sun shone with dry perfect running conditions and those early shivering chills lasted all of 4 minutes when the large blue and yellow army lined up and set off bang on time at 11am.

A 2-mile run on road tested those trail shoe choices with much chat about ‘wanting to get into the woods’ making a few runners chuckle, as we soon found our legs and the pace began to take shape. A welcome climb into the woods and softer ground was met with delight taking us off road at last, a few more challenging climbs ensued, heart bursting at times and respectable scrambles up the last climb in sand, grass and mud trails keep the legs ‘interesting’ but the head busy while adjusting to a varied pace,

The trails wind their way through the woods towards the sand dunes and long awaited beach at 8 miles where there’s just over a mile of beach running with fantastic Welsh coastal scenery, time for some to snap a selfie, and others to think it would never end. The rollercoaster trails through the sand dunes followed and where for me on a personal quest of gaining back some places, I decided to take off past a few women runners ever determined to pull my act together, Nigel following with new found energy and had picked up the pace too after he’d been feeling the strain at halfway point, clearly enjoying the varied terrain again we sped on. The woods opened up, the finish line PA could be heard, finish line in sight we said ‘go go go’ to each other emerging from the trees and with a loud cheer from the awesome finished P&D runners on the side-line, –  whoosh – both over the line and done. Banana and fantastic medal in hand. A perfect run to end on, tired legs but best of all I’m pleased to have my running mojo regained from the marmite attitude to running since completing my 1st marathon some weeks ago.

Brilliant runs by Ben in 8th place 1:03, Andy followed neatly on 1:11 ,Frank 1:19;05 with Marc at his heels on 1:19:28, Colin catching them at 1:19:43 a close finish I’d like to have seen, Cath P&D first lady in 1:22, followed by go Louise PB in 1:24, Lindsey on a week of bootcamp there was no way I was running with her this year at 1:28, Jon amazing after a night out to remember 1:30, Yvonne super nova 1:31, Michelle PB in 1:33, Steve and his knee 1:34, Nigel and me, maintaining Nigel’s 2015 PB at 1;34, flying in jet set Janice at 1:35, P&D newcomers Sarah P, Bethan and Stephen and 1st time Sospan welcome all at 1:36, 1;40 and 1:44 respectively and Judy with an awesome finish sprint in 1:52. Well done everyone. Job done.

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