20 Sep P&D September Club Update

It’s been a long while since a P&D Weekly Roundup….over two months, to be precise! With a lull in Club Championship action, holidays (what are those?) and continuing upheaval caused by the V word, there’s not been a great deal to report on.

However the really positive thing for our Club has been the return to group training sessions….here’s what Club Chairman Simon Williamson wrote in his August missive to Club members….

“Our big news item has been the successful re-introduction of Club Training sessions. I’m indebted to having a resourceful and totally switched-on Committee, and together we were able to put together a “Return to Training” plan that closely followed the guidelines set by Welsh Athletics and Sport Wales. Lyn Evans used his Race Director skills to devise a fair and innovative way to sign up to the various sessions on offer, Mandy Barrington collated all the recent Covid-19 guidelines to produce an excellent database for us to work to, and Run Leaders Nigel Adams, Kit Lambert, Chris Nellins and Malcolm Bradley have offered a diverse range of runs and locations for us to meet up again and train together.

But I also want to thank ALL OF YOU for your mature and sensible support, fully understanding our decision to move forward slowly and cautiously. We have a fair few members who have been key workers for the NHS and other support services this year, and it is particularly gratifying to see some of you now attending our sessions. We still have a long way to go on this journey, but for a running club that prides itself on its fun and social side, it’s great that we can now offer part of that experience”.

Lyn has also gathered together some lovely stats…“So far, we’ve had 58 members take part in our post re-start sessions (248 separate runs for them). 44 have taken part in two or more sessions and a few regular are well into double figures”.

Here’s a selection of photos from some of our runs…..

Now that there is a bit of a nip in the air and the nights are drawing in, we see our Monday and Wednesday runs returning to the regular winter meetup at Cogan Leisure Centre in Penarth…or, for the time being, the venue car park! Nigel Adams has drawn up a program of Monday sessions until the end of November (thanks Nige) and the idea will be to alternate sessions between the 18:45 and 19:00 groups on a fortnightly basis.

The program has been added to our Club website calendar, along with some other upcoming events. This makes the Club Committee very happy…one more step back to normality! http://www.penarthanddinasrunners.co.uk/calendar/

Sunday 4th October is in the calendar, and hopefully a fun-filled day for the Club, as we take on various marathon-related challenges, in the absence of a ‘real’ London Marathon that day.

Club Membership continues to grow healthily, with 117 runners on the books, and possibly driven by the requirement to be a paid-up member if you want to participate in our group training sessions.

Details of how to join us can be found on our Club Membership page.

There have been some opportunities to run a bit faster, with several members taking part in the virtual series organised by Cardiff Running Events (thanks guys, much appreciated!)

Catherine Barker continued her fine running in the Short Distance series (1st in W40 Age Category) with a smokin’ 20:44 in the Summer Sizzler 5k

This was good enough for 4th Woman overall, and 2nd in W40. Lisa Cleary won W55 in a nippy 22:57, and there were solid runs from Mandy Barrington (27:21), Cam Large (29:16), Debbie Rees (29:31) and Jake Bourne (32:00).

We also organised our own Handicap 5 Mile Virtual Event, where members had to predict their time for the distance. Very grateful to Lyn Evans for organising and penning this amusing account of proceedings….

“Here are the results you’ve all been waiting for (well, OK, possibly as many as 11 of you) – it’s the first ever P&D Virtual 5 Mile Predict-a-Time Race. Just 11 brave P&D souls took on the challenge, plus 2 who fell after getting over the difficult first ‘Submit your Time’ hurdle. Most runs were completed on well-trodden local routes, though Jonathan Irvine did an impressive ‘home’ run back in Northern Ireland. Chairman Williamson didn’t capitalise on his wife’s birthday celebrations and go for a Northern Ireland double with Jonathan. Others took in the views and/or tackled a few hills on their way round. Cameron Large performed the best loop – with near identical start and finish points.  An impressive 10 of our 11 runners actually managed to complete their runs without having to nip to the loo, or without having to be escorted round by a friend.  So Sophie Gott’s will need to share her ‘Biggest Bandit’ prize – after coming home together 2:46 under her predicted time.

Jonathan Irvine topped the predict-a-time table, coming home just 5 seconds under his predicted time at 39:10. 6 runners got within 31 sec. of their predicted time – not easy on some of the routes chosen. Compared to her predicted time, Louise Hunt enjoyed a leisurely 5 mile stroll in the sun. Brian Law was fastest male – clocking a very creditable 35:54 on a lumpy route between Penarth and Sully. Lisa Cleary (fastest female) picked out a nice flat route in Barry for her 41:44.

In a head-to-head family battle, Gideon was fastest male (named Calder) and Arabella was fastest female (named Calder). Kath Petersen was fastest non-Facebook user and also earliest out on the barrage.

Lamest excuse goes to Simon W. who gambled on me not noticing ‘Deceleration Slightly Overcooked’ on his Strava (I think) profile! He was still only 14 seconds over his predicted time, though.

Thanks to everyone who took part – all entrants came first in their allocated categories (not all recognised by UK Athletics)”.


Finally, on Friday several Club members were involved with marshalling at a ‘pilot’ event organised by Welsh Athletics. Simon Williamson, Malcolm Bradley, Ian & Debbie Warburton, Lisa Cleary, Debbie Williams and Mandy Barrington donned their hi-viz tabards to shepherd a high quality field of 24 athletes (male and female) taking on the Cardiff Sunset 5k. A great event, and hopefully the beginning of racing getting back to where it was…..(photos courtesy of Paul StillmanMalcolm Bradley)

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