26 Apr Knackered Dragon Club Challenge

After the time trial challenges of the last two weeks (Marathon Miles and 5k Challenge), this week’s P&D Virtual get-together was going to be a lot more chilled (or so we thought….)

Two options. Lots of us wear a fetching teeshirt produced two years ago as part of our 30th Anniversary Celebrations, and it depicts the iconic P&D “Knackered Dragon”. The easier option was to go out for a run in your teeshirt or club vest and find some dragon memorabilia on your route. The other, possibly more difficult, task was to produce a Strava/Garmin/GPS picture of a knackered dragon.

The omens weren’t looking good with three early attempts…..Abyd Quinn Aziz running around Cardiff Bay and Andrew Gardner looking for inspiration in Penarth but possibly coming up more whale than dragon! Meanwhile Cam Large started off with a fine-looking dragon’s head…and then went home!

Kit Lambert (as per usual) was quick off the mark, and produced a very reasonable representation of a dragon on the streets of Penarth….

David Brown chose Barry as his blank canvas, and went for a more avant garde design, with a patriotic dragon who, it has to be said, didn’t look particularly knackered…

Also out on the streets of Barry at the same time as David was Club Chairman Simon Williamson. Using his past experience as a (fairly rubbish) Orienteer, Simon printed off a street map of the town and attempted to produce a dragon of massive proportions. With the “head” taking 15 minutes, he knew he was in for a long morning out, and so it proved…particularly cruel was the crawl up Buttrills Hill to draw the dragon’s back. And of course in his knackered state, he managed to forget the wings. Simon’s dragon was slated by the critics…”Dino the Dinosaur“, “a drunken duck“, “looks like a swastika (harsh!)”

The dragon at the top of this page is the Chairman’s Choice as the best one all week, produced by the fair hand of Andrea Goodfellow, with some “assistance” from husband Steve. It’s not clear what this entailed, but hopefully he hadn’t been out earlier with his paint brush!

Much more sensible than these “artists”, Judy Maragna went for Option One, and had a leisurely jog around the streets of Cardiff, coming up trumps with lots of dragon images….excellent work Judy!

Some members tried an alternative approach…instead of drawing the beast they would write the words. Simon “Cyrill” Grant got some odd looks in Bute Park, whilst Debbie Rees opted for her local golf course. How do you think they got on?

Malcolm Bradley also went for the small is beautiful concept on his local playing fields, although he regretted explaining to bemused passer-bys that he had lost his wallet! Malcolm also blamed the Club Chairman for the absence of dragon wings…nice try, Malcolm, but it still looks like a fox with a sticky-out tongue!

Shirley Howman’s dragon showed a lot of promise, although as Shirley explained she didn’t want to get arrested by jumping into people’s gardens to embellish the legs! Shirley was also raising funds for her London Marathon charity CLIC Sargent, excellent work!

Nigel Adams took the whole exercise very seriously, with his trademark military precision….and produced a nice example of a flying beast in Penarth. He also bumped into fellow P&Ders Kath Petersen and Arabella Calder (usual social distance rules were applied….), with Arabella doing a bit of dragon-spotting, too.

Melissa Smith and Jake Bourne got their kids involved, which in these days of home-schooling was a wonderful thing to behold. Probably easier to paint a dragon on paper than draw it as a GPS image!

Jan Frost presented her dragon upside down to our Facebook Members page, so it was initially quite difficult to assess. Here it is the right way round; yep, of course it’s a dragon….

Julie Broughton has discovered a new, little-known variant of the dragon species….it’s called the Snake Dragon, apparently only resident on the coast near Barry!

Lisa Cleary isn’t a phone or Strava devotee, so she threw some shapes in the back garden instead, supporting the charities that have missed out from today’s London Marathon postponement. 13 minutes hula hooping, 13 minutes skipping…..all part of the 2.6/26 Charity Challenge, well done Lisa!

Bethan Apglyn was due to run London for St John Ambulance, who were our chosen Charity partners this year. Beth ran 26km around the Vale instead, and made a donation to the charity…top work, Beth. I’m sure Bethan would appreciate further donations via her Virgin Money Giving page.

After Judy’s brilliant dragon-searching earlier in the week, we had further fine examples over the weekend. Tania Miranda found some striking backdrops, whilst Debbie Williams was lurking around some back bumpers……..

Emma Healy also found some interesting bumpers and took the “window-shopping” approach perfected by Judy….oh, and nice headwear, Emma!

Chris Seal risked breaking all the rules; no P&D teeshirt for his selfie, and exercising on two wheels (shock-horror!). But he did find a rather cute specimen down at Barry Island….

Meanwhile the Barker Family had a bit of a quandary back over in Penarth….how to “knacker” a junior dragon who goes by the name of David. Take him out for a 10k run seemed to be the action required…however David is a fairly accomplished parkrunner, so he was back bouncing off the ceiling once he’d been home for half an hour!

Finally a bit of Strava-stalking on the part of the Editor discovered this fine example of dragonry back in Barry Island this afternoon….can anyone guess which ex-member was responsible? Apparently it was completely unintended, but it made the Chairman feel better about his dinosaur!

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