01 Nov Halloween Weekend Roundup

As the nation ventured further into Welsh Fire Break territory, it seemed unlikely that P&D would be doing anything much from a running perspective…but the Chairman put out a plaintive plea for some Halloween Challenges.

It seemed at first he was alone in this pursuit, as he scared himself with some spooky dusk running around Bryn Hill Golf Course….

Luckily he was joined by some other nutters before the week was out…Kit Lambert ran a loop around Penarth with friendly companion comfortably ensconced in his mullet….

Debbie Rees (perhaps not unsurprisingly to everyone who knows her!) entered into the ‘spirit’ of things two feet first, with skeletons in the garden (see above), a rather fetching ‘fallen princess’ running ensemble for a mile around the local streets and a bit of Strava Art allegedly supposed to be a spider (I’ll let you be the judge of that….)

Meanwhile the Chairman was still determined to unleash his ‘inner Witch”…he had the hat and cape, but struggled to source a broomstick, so like Debbie needed to resort to Strava Art….

Emma Healy went for the simple approach of some last-minute dental work to transform herself into a rather alluring vampire….

But actually in amongst this horrific madness, there was some ‘proper’ running going on. The Richard Burton 10k is always popular amongst our membership, and was originally included in our Club Championships, before it got cancelled and transformed into a virtual challenge.

There were over 1000 takers/finishers, and in amongst them some great P&D performances. Pride of place, and rather amazing after all her recent marathon challenges, was Lisa Cleary…99th finisher in a cracking time of 48:59, which not surprisingly was good enough for 3rd place in W50-59. Steven Barker nursed himself around to 51:28/150th, still carrying a persistent calf niggle, followed in by a sterling effort from Tim Cummings, 51:58 and 159th. Great to see Matthew Slugg keeping fit with 52:18/167th, chased in by another solid run from Gideon Calder 53:07/182nd. Joint 246th were Julie and Mark Broughton in a super time of 55:10…..

Vampire Emma celebrated her birthday with a super 60:00/415th, and hopefully avoided any garlic. Nice to see Steve Hill and Michelle Hoey out on the roads again, as they ran around in 60:29/428th. Debbie Rees stripped off the princess dress and donned a Blue and Yellow vest for a great run, 61:27/455th.

Finally Arabella Calder closed in for us with 62:46, finishing in 490th….great running everybody! Full results can be found here.

Meanwhile, following on from the Snowdonia Marathon Challenge featured in last week’s Roundup, Mandy Barrington got there in two bites around Penarth, and even chased a rainbow to claim her much sought-after Race Coaster!

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