22 Apr Easter Roundup 2019

Not a great deal of racing action for the Club this weekend, but what brilliant weather to be outdoors? Cover photo shows a group of likely lads enjoying the company of sheep and other wildlife on one of Malcolm’s Magical Mystery Tours…here’s the full crew posing at the Burial Stones near St Nicholas, looking like a Boy Band possibly past their sell-by date!

With most race organisers avoiding Easter Sunday, lots of Club members got their legs moving at parkrun….here’s the summary.

Cardiff: 22nd Ian Southwell 17:38, 276th Steve Goodfellow 24:58, 436th Andrea Goodfellow 28:07

York: 73rd Clem Clement 20:44 (76.69% age grade score), 290th Janice Clement 26:29

Haverfordwest: 22nd Louise Hunt 23:36 (2nd Woman)

Pontypool: 3rd Mike Morgan 19:24 (8 secs down on fastest finisher)

Barry Island: 1st Ben Butler-Madden 17:21, 5th Nathan Christoforato 18:54, 6th Andy Pearce 19:00 (Course PB by 16 secs, 78.86% age grade score), 33rd Lucy Entwhistle 22:31 (Course PB by 1:03), 39th Cath Barker 22:55, 40th Bethan Apglyn 23:06, 54th Steven Barker 23:50, 62nd Kate Cheshire 24:16 (Course PB by 1:02), 88th James Buckingham 25:51, 92nd Ian Warburton 25:57, 114th Julie Broughton 27:57, 120th Arabella Calder 28:14

Grangemoor: 20th Chris Herdman 21:42, 37th Peter Trott 23:21, 47th Mark Taylor 24:28, 61st Paul Mitchell 25:26, 63rd Kath Petersen 25:36, 81st Bev Warburton 26:40

Choosing “The Top Three” this weekend was quite difficult, so as I make the rules I’m going to choose my Top Four! Three standout runs at Barry Island….Andy demolishing his course PB and nabbing a great Age Grade score. Will be interesting to see if Andy can top 80% this year or maybe another “mature” athlete will beat him to it? And two great PBs from Lucy and Kate, who’ve both been training really diligently of late. My fourth award goes to Mike, doing a bit of tourism over at a tough course in Pontypool Park, and very nearly being the fastest finisher.

Elsewhere, the Chairman Simon Williamson was taking part in an International Orienteering event called the Jan Kjellstrom  Festival of Orienteering, which is held every Easter in different parts of the UK, and this year was based in the Hampshire/Surrey borders. Simon did his first JK back in 1978, but is still more a runner than an orienteer, and true to form finished about halfway down the results in the M60 category. The event is run over four days. Day 1 was a “Sprint” event, with a very short course and run around the garrison at the Aldershot Army base. The fastest M60 took about 13:30 to run this 2.8 km course, with Simon about 4 minutes behind; considering the fastest guy is an 18 minute parkrunner this wasn’t too bad a run for our Chair. Here’s a picture of the map…scale is 1:3000, which means 1 cm is 30 metres on the ground…so stuff comes up pretty quick. The control points use an electronic punching system, and were sited on things like stairwells and dustbin enclosures!

Day 2 was held in a very technical forest next to the old Deepcut Barracks near Camberley. Simon should have been at an advantage in this area, as he used to live in a house about 500 metres from Saturday’s start, and regularly rode his mountain bike around the same wood! But no….this is him on the run-in, not looking too happy! (photo courtesy of Steve Rush)

Day 3 was a longer event held in a beautiful wood near Newbury, and Simon had a more successful run here, finishing about 46th out of 90 starters…Day 4 (Easter Monday) was a Team Relay event.

Finally we should mention a pretty unique event called the Gilwern Grunt which took place today just north of Blaenavon. I’ve borrowed a photo off Steve New’s Facebook page just to give a flavour of the sort of terrain encountered during this 8 mile trail race (website here).

First home for us was Anna Helsing, 125th in 1:39:18. Steve was running for Hengoed Harriers, 156th in 1:58:02, and he was followed in by Tania Miranda 164th in 2:07:31…great running you three!


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