Chicago Marathon 7th Oct 2018 – Beth’s race

08 Oct Chicago Marathon 7th Oct 2018 – Beth’s race

Here’s a personal perspective of this iconic race, shared by our very own Beth Apglyn.  Thanks Beth!

Don’t normally write a race report, but thought it would be fun this time! So I had 3 goals for Chicago:
Goal A: sub 3:45
Goal B: sub 3:55
Goal C: just get round

Leading up to the race I was hoping to sneak goal A, but unfortunately travel nightmares (thanks United Airlines!) saw to that with a cancelled flight and no decent alternatives which meant I arrived in Chicago with less than 24 hours to go before the marathon. After arriving I headed straight to the expo for bib pick up and a spot of retail therapy 😁 By the time I met up with Lisa, Andrea and Andy for dinner in the evening I felt like 💩 feeling both mentally and physically exhausted.

Race day! Was up at 5am to get ready which thanks to jet lag wasn’t too much of an issue! Prepared my splits…..

Prep for the start went fairly smoothly and I ended up in the pen with the 3:45 pacers. Was trying to make a decision on whether or not to follow them and to still go for goal A as I knew I wasn’t feeling my best. Decided that as I’d put in the training I’d give it a go anyway and reassess at halfway. Felt really really comfortable until about 15 km in, but then started to feel a tightness in my quads which I’ve never felt during a race before and tiredness starting to set in so just before halfway I made a decision to slow down and just enjoy the second half! Apart from the pouring rain at some points it was a really enjoyable race – crowd support almost the whole way round and lots of music 🎶Saw Andy a few times around the course too – thanks for the pics! Fav part would probably have to be the Korean support area (forgot where it was exactly) but they were blasting Gangam style and dancing 😂 which really made me smile! Ended up finishing in 3:54:08 which I was so pleased with meaning Goal B and a pb! 😊

Met up with Lisa and Andrea at the end who also ran amazingly and spent the rest of the afternoon rehydrating and refuelling – and randomly bumping into Ponty Roadents 😂 The finishers’ medal is like 💵 here – lots of freebies! A great day!

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