03 May Blue & Yellow Club Challenge

Blue. Yellow. Two colours. Go find them.

Those were the very simple instructions for our Club Virtual Challenge this week, an idea dreamt up by last week’s “In the Spotlight” starlet Bethan Apglyn (not a requirement for being featured, I hasten to add!)

We are very proud to wear Blue and Yellow as our club kit, but it’s also amazing how much of it is out there on the streets and countryside of the Vale. So this roundup will be a celebration of these colours, with very few words from me. We have some very perceptive photographers in our midst, and their images outshine my ramblings…so a big thank you and well done (in no particular order) to Abyd Quinn Aziz, Arabella Calder, Clem and Janice Clement, Debbie Rees, Cath and Steve Barker, Cam Large, Ali Reeves, Lyn Evans, Malcolm Bradley, Jan Frost, Judy Maragna, Paul Whitmarsh, Tania Miranda, Jake Bourne, Debbie Williams, Paul Mitchell, Emma Healy, Chris Nellins, Chris Seal, Steve and Andrea Goodfellow, Nigel Adams, Ruth Cann, Lisa Cleary, Jon Lewis, Kit Lambert, Glenn Powell, Jonathan Irvine, Mandy Barrington, Louise Hunt, Julie Broughton, Shirley Howman and Bethan Apglyn (of course!). If I’ve missed anyone out please accept my grovelling apologies…

Flowery art


Running paraphernalia (well we are a running club!)


Faithful running companions

(Haribo, Poppy, Bella and Dexter)





(Barry and Penarth branches; but which one is which?!)

Lockdown Britain / Support the NHS


(Abyd called this one “Social Distancing”)

Load of Bollards


Load of Rubbish


Around the House


A to B




Guess the Location


Just plain weird!


Your good health (stay at home advice from the Goodfellows!)


I’ll leave the final words to Judy Maragna, who has really entered into the spirit of things with these Club Challenges….

P lodding around on an
E ndless mission
N oticing things that
A ppear in my vision.
R aindrops are falling
T he sky is all grey
H mmm. .. maybe today is not a good day!

A ll is peaceful
N nurturing me, I
D ream of the days ahead when we’re free!

D esparately seeking
I ndigo and yellow too
N ot much in sight …
A ha ! Some signs to good to be true!
S uccess!

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