Andrea Hurman – Ultra Runner

13 Jun Andrea Hurman – Ultra Runner

Super Hurman

Super Hurman

Here’s what Andrea had to say on her incredible achievement:

Still processing this last weekend in my head but wanted to say thanks for all the lovely messages. I crewed for my brother Geoff at Endure 24 last year and ended up taking his challenge of entering myself this year. The format is a 24 hour event running from 12 noon Saturday until 12 noon Sunday running as many 5 mile laps as you can either as a solo runner, pair or part of a team. My initial aim was to try and run 50 miles as part of my 50th birthday celebrations and then if that went ok do another 10 as this weekend marked the 10th anniversary of my first ever race. However Geoff insisted that I should really aim to break the 100k barrier if I possibly could. I had many highs and lows through the first 40 miles but really thought at 45 it was all over as I was feeling so sick but a change of kit, a cup of tea and some rice pudding and I was back out there. Pleased to say I hit my target with my first 50 miles well within my self imposed 12 hour cutoff (11:29). At 65 I was tempted to attempt another 2 laps but after discussing it with Geoff decided to call it a day. Many of you know what a wuss I am about running in the dark so hope you are impressed that I coped with miles 40-60 by the light of my headtorch and the fairy lights in the trees!

I would recommend this format for running an ultra distance in that logistics for kit, food, drinks etc is easy rather than having to carry lots of stuff but it can be tough to get yourself out to run the same 5 miles yet again. Great event for club teams as well if anyone is looking for something to do as a group. All the teams there were having a great time and were fantastic supporters to the solo runners.

If you had told me 10 years ago at the Race for Life 5k that I would be able to do this I would never have believed it but just want to say thanks for the support of my lovely P&D running buddies who have helped along the way. Don’t think I will be making club tonight but looking forward to many more miles together! X”

Super Human – Super Hurman

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